Apple's picks for apps for doctors, nurses, patients and medical students

By Heather Mack
04:02 pm

MobiHealthNews took a look at Apple's top picks of medical apps in the AppStore. Their offerings span seven categories and 88 apps and run the gamut of surgical simulation training, medication dosing, EMRs, fitness tracking and more. They are organized to be used by physicians, nurses or other healthcare professionals, medical students and patients. Prices for apps are noted as listed, although many were free or available through a subscription to organizations, publications or plans.  

Here are the top apps Apple recommends for those in the healthcare space:


UptoDate is a free clinical decision support tool that features drug topics and recommendations that clinicians can use at point of care. To date, it has been the subject of over 30 research studies.

Doximity- Medical Network is a professional network used by 60 percent of clinicians in the US. It can be accessed on mobile and web platforms and syncs with AppleWatch.

Epocrates Reference Tool there are two options for this app ­– the Essentials for $159.99 or Epocrates Plus for $174.99. The app provides information to clinicians at the point of care, including drug prescribing and safety information, medical news and research information and health care insurance formulary databases.

Medscape is a free app that offers virtual consultations between physicians and specialists and provides a host of medical information including drug dosing and interactions.

Omnio gives clinicians quick access to relevant medical information with resources from organizations such as the American Diabetes Association and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.

NEJM This Week offers the latest medical research findings, review articles and editorial opinions from the New England Journal of Medicine.

Merck Manual Professional this medical reference app has so much content to keep up with the pace of available clinical information, it can take up to 15 minutes to download and install. It contains practical explanations for thousands of conditions in all major medical and surgical specialties.

LabGear, at $2.99 is a tool for medical laboratory tests for all healthcare professionals. It offers a comprehensive library of lab tests across eight different systems and chemistry panels, and also features schematics for present testing panels.

ASCO Journals JCO JOP a free app version of the Journal of Clinical Oncology that connects to the user’s institutional subscription. Users can register their devices while on the network. 

PubMed On Tap, for $2.99, has reference information and pdfs of full articles for those with a subscription. Users can search and organize their reference library, and email references from their device to their self or others in a form suitable for reading or importing into desktop reference management applications.
Medicine Central
the app includes a five-minute physician consultation feature and a host of resources from Davis’s Drug Guide, McGraw-Hill’s Diagnosaurus, Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests and Prime (formerly Unbound Medline). The app is free but requires a current paid subscription to online Medicine Central service.

Prime, the app formerly known as Unbound Medline connects users to up-to-date journal citations and abstracts from the complete PubMed database.

Hopkins Guides offers a set of medical guides from Johns Hopkins University including diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases (Called ABX, for $29.99), HIV ($59.99), psychiatry ($29.99) and diabetes ($29.99).

AHRQ ePSS is an app developed by the US Department of Health & Human Services-AHRQ and works to assist primary care clinicians in identifying the screening, counseling and preventive medication services that are appropriate for their patients.


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