Apple's picks for apps for doctors, nurses, patients and medical students

By Heather Mack


CareAwareConnect works to improve clinical workflow through voice communication, text messaging and alerting.

Epic Rover offers authorized clinical users of Epic’s EHR to secure access tools for clinical review, patient list management, medication administration, specimen collection, vitals and I/O on their iPhone or iPod Touch.

Vocera Care Experience is an app for care providers to help educate patients about what to do and expect before and after hospital visits. It includes tools to enhance discharge instructions, pre-admission others and other directives.

NCLEX RN Mastery 2016 offers all of its content with a one-time, $29.99 purchase to practice the NCLEX test. It contains over 1,800 practice questions, quizzes, mnemonics and strategies.

Skyscape Medical Library offers 10 different libraries within the app, each sold separately and ranging from $1.99 to $179.99. This decision-support tool for healthcare professionals offers over 400 resources/titles from leading publishers, authors and medical societies.

Vocera Alarm Management makes response to critical patient health alarms faster and more informed by offering contextual evidence like waveforms and vital signs to the caregiver on smartphones and tablets.

NurseTab Fundamentals is a $9.99 app for new nurses and nursing students to access over 120 skills and procedures separated by topic areas. Nurses and students use the app to try out skills based on what they learned through fundamental courses, offering step-by-step approaches to specific procedures. 

PatientTouch connects frontline clinicians to their patients, care team, and existing EHR infrastructure, including medication administration, care interventions and patient assignment.

Nursing Central offers a host of options ranging from $42.99 to $169.99 for the full program. It offers nurses and students detailed information on diseases, tests, drugs, and procedures.  

Medigram is a secure group messaging application to improve care coordination and communication in the hospital.

NurseTabs: Medsurg is a $9.99 app for novice nurses and nursing students to search for over 340 common diseases and disorders, separated by body system. Simple explanations of each disease or disorder and nursing approach to managing care.

Lab Values Reference is a $4.99 app for nurses and other healthcare professionals that offers a reference guide on tests based on the body system, lab test, panels and factors affecting the lab results.

Lexicomp an app for students and clinicians (with a Lexicomp subscription) to access answers about medication questions at the point of care.