Apple's picks for apps for doctors, nurses, patients and medical students

By Heather Mack

Patient Education

Heart Decide. At $74.99 for all the content, this app serves as an educational tool for patients by simplifying complex heart conditions and treatments, and uses fully interactive 3D anatomical models that can be manipulated through a finger swipe.

FINR Brain Atlas $1.99 gives you the whole brain – explore the anatomy of the brain and common brain injuries in a 3D model.

Heart Pro III (also for physicians) Made in collaboration with Stanford University School of Medicine, this app was originally featured in the WWDC Keynote in 2012. For $4.99, this app offers 360, 3D horizontal images that can be rotated with a finger swipe, animations, quizzes, audio pronunciations and more.

Medical Spanish: Healthcare A $5.99 medical phrasebook to facilitate communication between English and Spanish speakers. Written and designed by an Apple engineer, this app acts as a personal interpreter on call 24/7.

Medical French: Healthcare $4.99 for a phrasebook app that closely mimics native speech with questions and instructions that are phrased in a “yes” or “no” format.

Muscle Trigger Points A $2.99 reference for trigger points and referral patterns for 108 muscles and 160 trigger points.

MediBabble Translator is a free, professional-grade medical interpretation app for healthcare providers.

HealthTap for Providers is both a network for physicians to boost their income, learn practical clinical information from their peers, find new patients and also conduct Virtual Practice visits.

Foot Decide a $74.99 educational tool featuring full interactive 3D anatomical models that can be manipulated with a finger swipe, this includes multiple videos and animations depicting common foot conditions and surgical non-operative treatments.