Apple's picks for apps for doctors, nurses, patients and medical students

By Heather Mack


Mayo Clinic app offers anytime access to Mayo Clinic expertise. If users are Mayo Clinic patients, they can access medical record, get appointment reminders or connect with their care team.

MyChart works with existing MyChart account to manage your health information and communicate with doctors on devices including the Apple Watch. Users can review test results, medications, immunizations and more; stay in touch with their doctor; manage appointments; upload health and fitness data – including Apple Health app – when the user is enrolled in self-tracking programs; and view and pay bills.

AskMD this free app bills itself as “more than just a symptom checker” by helping the user to find out what possibly might be causing symptoms, assist in finding a doctor and organize health goals.

Health Mate is a $4.99 app that tracks everyday activity and heart rate using sensors in the iPhone. Users can “challenge” with friends and connect with Withings’ line of health trackers for health coaching.

Onpatient PHR this app takes the user’s personal health record to allow messaging, appointment scheduling and sharing of information with doctors.

mySugr Diabetes Ranging from $2.99 to $199.99 information and coaching plans, this companion for people with diabetes automatically syncs data from a connected device via Bluetooth with on-demand diabetes educators to offer patients constant support during clinic visits.

Every Body Walk! An app that features walking workouts, progress tracking and credit-building for saving redemption at Walgreens. This app also integrates with other health apps to get users credit for walking workouts.

HealthTap this free app gives users instant, personalized answers from more than 105,000 US doctors via text chat, or users can pay for a virtual consult to video or text chat with a primary care doctor of their choice during virtual office hours.

WebMD Trusted Health Everything WebMD offers in an app – symptom checker, medication reminders, targeted health goals, medicine information and more.

Hello Heart $179.99 for this app that aims to make it easy to track and understand your blood pressure, enabling users to manage their heart health risks and improve any existing conditions.

Amwell: Live Doctor Visit Now integrates with Apple Health to bring the telehealth service on a mobile device, 24/7.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer The companion app for Kinsa’s wireless Smart Ear thermometer or Smart Stick thermometer, this allows users to track temperature, symptoms and medication for each family member and remembers details around when symptoms began, medication adherence and more. Users can share info with another caregiver or doctor.

iHealth Gluco-Smart an app to automatically record test results of blood glucose monitors. Users can also add the free, secure cloud service for a mobile testing system wherever they are.

Qardio Heart, Health, Weight an app for weight management, blood pressure and heart health that requires the Qardio connected devices – the blood pressure monitor or smart scale.

iThermonitor a fever-monitoring app that shows the duration and intensity of the user’s fever for each episode. The free app also combines temperature chart and fever-related events so the doctor can understand fever progression in a more informed way. Can connect with multiple iThermonitor sensors.

PatientIO bills itself as “a treatment plan in your pocket,” the free app offers treatment-specific reminders, tasks and education from your provider sent directly to smartphone and watch.

HealthLoop a method of staying connected with your physician between visits. Includes mobile check-ins, notifications, guidance for recovery and more.

HealthyNow, free, mobile complement to Cerner Wellness Health Portal. Offers activity logs, messaging, medication management, event and incentive management and social media integration.

HumanaVitality free app for members of HumanaVitality plan, this is a wellness and rewards program that connects with a number of devices like activity tracking wearables and apps.