Apple's top 22 patient-facing personal care apps

By Jonah Comstock
04:03 pm


MyRA, from Crescendo Bioscience (now a subsidiary of Myriad Genetics) is an app aimed specifically at people with rheumatoid arthritis, to help them track their symptoms. The app shows a picture of a body on which the patient can record where they feel pain, when they felt it, and what they were doing. Crescendo says the data from the app can complement the company's main offering, the Vectra DA (disease activity) blood test, or a rheumatologist’s clinical assessment of the user's arthritis.

Medisafe Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker 

Medisafe’s app is part of the Israeli company’s cloud-based app system for medication adherence. Patients using MediSafe get a reminder to take their meds on their app, and are then prompted to record doses when they take them. If they don’t indicate that they’ve taken their meds, a series of friends and family members is informed who can then take action.


From MIM Software, VueMe is a patient-facing app for viewing radiological imagery. Patients can use the app to view X-rays, ultrasounds, and MRIs transferred into the MIMcloud by their provider. The data is encrypted and password-protected.


Walgreens’ app includes a number of features for shoppers at the pharmacy, including some health-related ones: prescription refill, medication reminders, and even some telemedicine options through partnerships with partner MDLive.


Symple is a symptom tracking app that helps patients record their symptoms to show to a doctor later on. A user can track up to 10 symptoms at a time and rate them on a 5-point scale of intensity. Users can also import data from Apple Health, take pictures where appropriate, and record other factors like medications that might yield insight into those symptoms.


The first personal health record app on the list, HealthSpek offers users a dashboard from which patients can add information that they find valuable, such as medication reminders, mammogram reminder, wearable activity information, and price transparency tools. They can also add family members and share the record with a doctor.