Apple's top 22 patient-facing personal care apps

By Jonah Comstock


ZocDoc’s app, which is available on iOS and Android devices, asks for a user’s zip code and insurance provider and then lists nearby doctors and their availability, as well as information including reviews from other patients. Users can then select a time to complete the appointment booking. ZocDoc also offers a check-in feature so that patients can also send over a basic medical history before they arrive instead of filling out the medical history clipboard.


PillBoxie is another medication reminder app. It has an intuitive visual display that lets the user schedule a medication by dropping an animated pill into a pillbox. The reminders work even if the device is offline or asleep. At $1.99, PillBoxie is the only paid app on the list.

Mango Health

With Mango's app, users enter their medications or supplements, timing, and doses. Mango can remind patients when it's time to take their medication. It also automatically alerts them to potentially dangerous interactions between medications, or with food and drink. The app also includes a personal health journal. It’s also gamified: The app has an in-game currency users can earn by taking medications on time, and a leveling up system. By leveling and saving up, users can unlock real-world rewards with Mango's partners, including donations to charities and rewards at stores like Target.


WebMD is famous for its symptom-checker, but the app is more far-reaching: it also includes medication reminders, habit and fitness tracking, first aid tips, a drug database, and educational content. Users can also use the app to find a nearby physician.

onPatient PHR

onPatient is the personal health record offered my mobile-based EHR company drchrono. The app allows patients to schedule appointments, see their medical records, message with their drchrono-using doctor, and see their medication and allergy lists. onPatient also integrates with Apple Watch.