Ascensia Diabetes launches upgraded version of app in the US

By Laura Lovett
02:48 pm

This morning Ascensia Diabetes Care launched the latest version of its Contour Diabetes app in the United States. The upgraded app will offer users a new feature, called My Patterns,  which will give personalized feedback and coaching to users.

“The My Patterns feature on the new Contour Diabetes app represents a real advance in the use of data for diabetes management,” Michael Kloss, CEO at Ascensia Diabetes Care, said in a statement. “It can uncover patterns in blood glucose readings that patients may not have otherwise recognized and provides tailored reminders that can support improved self-management. This can help people with diabetes stay on track between visits to their doctor and can provide meaningful information for more informed consultations.” 

The app works in tandem with Ascensia’s Contour Next One meter. In fact, the My Patterns feature will connect a user’s blood glucose results from their Contour Next One meter and then deliver personalized feedback to the patient based on their results. 

The latest version of the app was designed using behavioral science research and aims to help users become more effective in self-care management, according to the company. 

My Pattern will give users alerts to notify them about sub-optimal patterns in their blood glucose readings. Patients also receive information about possible causes of the suboptimal patters and how to help address the issue. 

Patients can set reminders, testing plans for their blood glucose level and track their progress. The new version will also feature 11 different test reminder plans, the ability to view insulin doses and carb intake next to to blood glucose readings, a blood sugar diary, and the ability to export data as a CSV file.

In 2016, Ascensia Diabetes Care received FDA clearance for Contour Next One, which has the ability to connect to both the latest Contour Diabetes app and the previous one. It officially launched in the US in 2017. 

My Pattern feature was released in the UK and Ireland in December and is now available in 24 countries worldwide. 

“This latest upgrade to the Contour Diabetes app provides patients with a smarter tool that can help to make the self-management of their diabetes easier,” Ros Barker, country head of UK and Ireland for Ascensia Diabetes Care, said in a statement in December. “At Ascensia we are listening to feedback from people with diabetes about their needs, and are continuing to invest in the further development of the Contour Diabetes app, so that we can provide solutions that make diabetes self-management better, easier, and smarter.” 


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