‘Nyra’ app launched to help women manage feminine health

Nyra is the first product to be launched by Vivant under its Nyra women’s health brand.
By Dean Koh
12:24 am

Screengrab of the Nyra app.

Mumbai-India headquartered digital health start-up Vivant recently launched ‘Nyra’, a simple mobile application that can be used by women to track their period, fertility, ovulation, mood, lifestyle and physical activity.

Based on the health information collected, the app provides women with personalised feminine health, hygiene and fertility advice to help manage their wellbeing. In addition to English, the app is also available in vernacular language starting with Hindi. 

Nyra is the first product to be launched by Vivant under its Nyra women’s health brand. Further products are expected covering a range of women’s health and wellness issues including pregnancy, post-pregnancy care and re-entering the workplace.

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Nyra is now available for download on Apple and Google app stores.

What’s the trend

There is an increasing interest in reproductive and feminine health by digital health/health tech companies. Last November, Ava, a medical technology company focused on innovations in women's reproductive health expanded into Asia with the launch of an office in Hong Kong. The company’s popular fertility tracker is sold in 33 countries and the accompanying Ava app features a newsfeed-style health dashboard.

Last month, fitness wearable tech company Garmin announced a new menstrual cycle tracking to its app-based online fitness service. Garmin Connect users can record their cycle type, symptoms and notes about their personal health. By doing so, the service will begin to predict when their next period will occur or outline windows of increased fertility. In addition, the app will surface fitness and nutrition educational content that is tailored to the user’s current phase of their cycle.

On the record

“We are seeing a major opportunity to tap into the potential of digital platforms to transform women’s health in Asia and the Middle East. In many countries in these regions women’s health remains a taboo subject and awareness and adoption of feminine health practices is staggeringly low. At the same time, digital penetration is high, and this is creating a significant opportunity for digital health applications to deliver real social benefits,” said Adrit Raha, Chief Executive Officer, Vivant, in a statement.

“In India, for example, it is estimated that around 23 million girls have dropped out of school due to menstruation and a lack of awareness of women’s health issues. Nyra aims to help address this by giving women everywhere access to feminine health information and advice, and control over their feminine health journey. We have initially launched the app to include Hindi, but are actively looking to make the app available in other vernacular languages used across Asia and the Middle East to reach all underserved women in these regions,” he added.


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