Ping An Good Doctor launches ‘Private Doctor’ service

The newly launched service caters to the needs of adults, the elderly and children by appointing dedicated doctors to conduct one-on-one consultations.
By Dean Koh
04:42 am

Credit: Ping An Good Doctor

Ping An Good Doctor, a one-stop healthcare ecosystem platform from China has launched a ‘Private Doctor’ service within their Ping An Good Doctor App. 

What’s it about

The newly launched Private Doctor service caters to the needs of adults, the elderly and children by appointing dedicated doctors to conduct one-on-one consultations. The system operates round the clock to satisfy holistic medical and healthcare demands, such as real-time medical consultations and offline appointments for outpatient services at hospitals.

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The dedicated Private Doctors also act as “health butlers” that integrate the services in medical and healthcare sectors. Through developing an electronic health profile, customising a physical check-up plan, compiling medical reports, tracing abnormal health indicators and managing weight for users, the Private Doctor service will be able to monitor users' health and possibly help prevent diseases.

For the elderly who have difficulty seeking medical services, Ping An Good Doctor's Private Doctor has introduced a "Comfort x 5" service to help them make appointments, escort them to medical consultations, settle fees, undergo examinations and collect medicine with the help of trained professional caretakers. The comprehensive service enables a swift process for medical consultation and hospitalisation.

What’s the trend

Last month, Ping An Good Doctor formed a strategic cooperation with Wyeth Nutrition in China. Both parties will utilise strengths in their respective fields for an all-round cooperation in areas including new healthcare services, new technology applications, and integration of business and membership systems. At the end of 2018, Ping An Good Doctor reached 265 million registered users, according to their first annual results since listing. 

On the record

“The 200 million Chinese people in the emerging middle class have been longing for high quality medical and health services. Therefore, the Company aims to provide Private Doctors who are highly professional and resourceful in personalising and customising services for our users. The new practice will set new standards for the diversified and standardised medical practices catering to those in the emerging middle class,” said a spokesperson for Ping An Good Doctor.


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