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Best Buy selling Tyto Care's telehealth platform online, in certain stores

The brick-and-mortar rollout is so far limited to the Midwest.
By Dave Muoio
11:06 am

Best Buy is now selling Tyto Care’s remote care device and service through its online storefront, the companies announced in a press release this morning. The retailer is also offering the platform in certain Minnesota stores, and has plans to expand this availability to North Dakota, South Dakota, California and Ohio locations as well.

Coming in at $299.99, the TytoHome device connects users to a broader telehealth platform for live consultations (the cost of which maxes out at $59). However, the product also includes several easy-to-operate attachments such as a digital stethoscope that transmit data to the provider, allowing them to conduct incorporate more information about their remote patient in their decision making.

Also included in the announcement was news of another partnership between Tyto Care and Sanford Health. This agreement, the first of many Tyto is pursuing, will see the not-for-profit system provide its physicians to the service for live consultations with users in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.


Retail availability will help Tyto Care’s product reach the consumers whom it is designed to serve. What’s more, the companies’ initial focus on the Midwest market is an opportunity for the telehealth platform to connect rural patients to care that they might not have sought otherwise.


Best Buy has lately had a stronger presence in the digital health space thanks to its acquisition of GreatCall, a senior-focused smartphone and remote monitoring platform maker. On the other hand, Amazon’s online storefront has also began selling digital health products for consumers managing diabetes or cardiovascular conditions late last year.

As for Tyto Care, the company recently extended its Series C round to roughly $35 million, secured a CE Mark for its platform and has cut deals with health organizations like the Greater Buffalo United Accountables Healthcare Network and the Ochsner Health System.


“We’re excited to partner with Best Buy, LiveHealth Online, American Well and regional health systems to extend our on-demand telehealth platform across the U.S., enhancing primary care delivery,” Dedi Gilad, CEO and cofounder of Tyto Care, said in a statement. “Tyto Care is combining increased convenience and accessibility with the power of a trusted retailer, health care providers, insurers and employers to deliver consumers the best that telehealth has to offer.”


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