Boehringer and Lilly tap Inovalon for analytics and more digital health deals

By Heather Mack
01:12 pm

Pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim is partnering with Inovalon, a data analytics company that provides cloud-based platforms to the healthcare industry to facilitate the shift from volume to value-based care, on behalf of Boehringer Ingelheim’s diabetes alliance with Eli Lilly. Leveraging Inovalon’s platform, the partnership will work to support outcomes-based contracting, taking clinical outcomes into real-world practice to improve patient care.

“The Boehringer Ingelheim and Lilly diabetes alliance is committed to innovation through the discovery and development of treatment options where unmet needs exist, as illustrated by the breakthrough evidence from the landmark Empha-Reg Outcome trial which evaluated cardiovascular outcomes in adults with type 2 diabetes,” Boehringer Ingelheim’s Vice President of Market Access, Christine Marsh, said in a statement. “We are excited to be working with the combined capabilities of Inovalon and Avalere, and believe that they will support us in our goal of translating clinical outcomes into real world practice to ultimately improve patient care.”


Telehealth technology provider Avizia is expanding their care platform by partnering with MLS Telehealth, a physician-run organization that provides clinical staffing services across the United States. With the partnership, Avizia’s virtual care platform will host clinical staff in 36 specialties, including internal medicine, cardiology and psychiatry, and MLS Telehealth will perform screening of all physicians who join the platform.

"While Avizia is the leading telehealth technology company, we recognize that many hospitals need a service, both technology and providers to address patient needs," Avizia Chief Medical Officer Dr. Alan Pitt said in a statement. "To deliver care, we partnered with MLS Telehealth, a leading telemedicine provider network. This will allow us to offer a more complete solution by providing a robust network of physicians on an as-needed basis."


Expanding on the success of connected healthcare pilot programs originally launched in 2013, Arizona-based health system Banner Health and Royal Philips announced a 15-year partnership to go forward with their collaborative efforts to leverage telehealth and other integrated solutions in healthcare. With the expanded partnership, Banner and Philips will leverage Philips’ research in connected care and population health management and Banner’s clinical and operational capabilities to develop integrated solutions for Banner’s patient population.  Banner will also have access to many Philips offerings, such as their radiology practice management toolset, and the two companies will look for ways to take a more connected approach on certain areas, like cardiology, by incorporating advanced imaging, genomics, digital pathology and data analytics.


Smart connected insulin pen cap maker Common Sensing has partnered with Welkin Health, a digital health company that assists healthcare organizations in developing coaching programs. Using the insulin dosing and blood glucose data wirelessly transmitted from Common Sensing’s Gocap, the Welkin Health coaches will monitor the daily behavior of patients and work with them to manage their diabetes.

“The program we’re developing with Welkin will provide a critical element that is missing from home insulin delivery—a human touch,” James White, president and co-founder of Common Sensing, said in a statement. “If an individual is taking the wrong amount of insulin or misses an insulin dose, they will be contacted immediately by a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) who can work with the user to resolve the issue. Data-driven, real-time intervention from coaches will set insulin users up for success between doctor visits, improving the health of people living with diabetes.”


New York-based dental provider National Dental is teaming up with clinical communications company NexHealth to offer patients mobile and web access to their dentists any time of day. With the NexHealth capabilities, National Dental patients can use the app or go online to find and schedule appointments with dentists whenever they want, plus securely message their dentists. National Dental staff will be able to use NexHealth for automated recalls, wait-lists, no-show follow ups and other automated types of communication.
Swiss research and technology company CSEM has announced a research partnership with Sensifree, a low-power, radio frequency-based sensor maker, to create a blood pressure monitoring device that works without a cuff.

"We are extremely pleased to announce this collaboration," Sensifree cofounder and CEO Eran Agmon said in a statement. "We believe that CSEM will be key in our endeavors to develop the 'holy grail' of sensors, a cuff-free blood pressure sensor." Ilan Barak, Sensifree's cofounder and CTO added, "We have strategically decided to collaborate with CSEM because of its solid and internationally acknowledged background in non-obtrusive blood pressure estimation."


Wellness platform providers MeYou Health and Wellness Corporate Solutions have joined forces to offer the WellWork Pro, a turnkey wellness program to small employers. The program, which is specifically tailored to smaller companies, layers Wellness Corporate Solution’s program design with MeYou Health’s software development, automation and social therapeutic network, and the resulting product is a wellness portal that features a dashboard for employers and programs for their employees ranging from smoking cessation, exercise and healthy eating. The platform includes online communities, health assessments, monthly health education flyers and on-site wellness event guides.


Health enterprise SaaS company Welltok is teaming up with customer engagement company TeleTech to help population health managers develop tools to guide consumers in searching and obtaining healthcare services. The partnership will leverage analytics and multi-channel communications capabilities to build healthcare campaigns, reaching consumers through a combination of email, web, mobile, text, mail and live outreach. For example, if a health plan changes its drug formulary, the program could identify those at risk of losing benefits or coverage and facilitate a conversation between the consumer and a live agent.


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