Boston Medical Center offers Sleepio app, tracking program to employees

By Aditi Pai
01:17 pm

Boston Medical Center has added a mobile-enabled sleep tracking program from London-based company Big Health to its benefits package, according to Beta Boston.

Since launching the program in December, Beta Boston reports more than 1,000 of Boston Medical Center’s 5,800 employees, about 17 percent of its staff, have started to use the app. Boston Medical Center currently has a one-year contract with Big Health.

Big Health’s offering, Sleepio, aims to help users fix their sleeping issues. Sleepio creates a personalized program for the user to follow. "The Prof", an online persona built into Sleepio, leads users through the program to help them learn cognitive behavioral techniques that will ideally improve their sleep schedules. The system also offers various tools including a daily schedule, relaxation music, email reminders, an in-depth sleep test, a progress tracker, and integration with a number of activity tracking devices including Jawbone and Fitbit.

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"Sleep is something that affects pretty much every aspect of our mental and physical wellbeing," cofounder Peter Hames told MobiHealthNews in April 2014 when Big Health raised $3.3 million. "We have decades of evidence about these non-drug interventions to help overcome it, yet almost nobody can access anything but pills and self-help materials.”

While Boston Medical Center covers the cost of the program for its employees, anyone is able to purchase the sleep app and its companion program for an ongoing subscription fee. Sleepio’s weekly plan costs $9.99 for the week-to-week option. The company also offers a 12-week course that costs $6.66 per week and a one-year plan that costs $4.80 per week. 


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