Calls for Proposals: Precision Medicine Summit, Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum, and Healthcare Security Forum

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HIMSS Media is currently accepting speaking proposals for three events: The HIMSS Precision Medicine Summit in Washington, D.C., the HIMSS Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum in San Francisco, and the HIMSS Healthcare Security Forum in San Francisco. This is a great opportunity to share your research and digital health success stories.

HIMSS Precision Medicine Summit: Call for Speaking Proposals closes this Friday

There’s still time but the clock is ticking to submit a speaking proposal for the HIMSS Precision Medicine Summit in Washington DC, May 17 and 18. The deadline to submit a proposal is 5 p.m. ET on Friday, February 9. Click here to submit a speaking proposal and for more information.

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Over two days, speakers will share their work, discuss industry trends, and, importantly, address what healthcare must do to make precision medicine – and personalized care – an everyday part of primary care.

The event will be attended by 150 healthcare clinical and IT leaders from hospitals, health systems, and other provider, payer, pharmaceutical, government organizations.

If your organization has a precision medicine success story to share, or you have expert insights into what’s required to move precision medicine to the point of care, you’re the perfect speaker for this event.

Topics of interest include: Technology and infrastructure, especially machine learning; big data and precision medicine; genomics; clinical integration; knowledge and expertise; reimbursement; the regulatory landscape; investment; and more.

HIMSS Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum: Call for Proposals is open

HIMSS is accepting speaker proposals for the Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum on June 13 and 14 in San Francisco.

The forum is the leading industry event on this mission-critical topic, and it’s attended by 250+ healthcare IT and clinical professionals from hospitals, health systems, and other provider and payer organizations.

What do attendees want? Information and insights to kick off their analytic programs or take them to the next level. They want information that will help them drive continuous process improvement, contain costs, and, most importantly, produce better outcomes. Presentations must demonstrate measurable value.

Click here to submit a speaking proposal and for information on topics of interest and speaker requirements. The deadline to submit a proposal is 5 p.m. EST, Thursday, February 15.

The agenda fills up fast, so don’t wait to submit your proposal.

HIMSS Healthcare Security Forum: Call for Proposals is open
HIMSS is accepting speaker proposals for the Healthcare Security Forum in San Francisco, June 11-12. The deadline to submit is Thursday, February 15, 5 p.m. ET.
There may be no topic more important in healthcare than securing data and maintaining business continuity in the face to today’s mounting cyber threats.
Our goal for this this event is to deliver, over two days, a mix of topics and speakers who can provide the best strategic and tactical information to our audience of 200+ healthcare CISOs and security leaders
Over the past few weeks, we talked to many healthcare CISOs and others to learn the most burning topics and issues in healthcare security.
Click here to learn what they want see covered at this event — and to submit your speaking proposals.


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