Calm's meditation app comes to Samsung Health

A new integration will allow consumers using Samsung's mobile wellness platform to easily sign up and access meditation services generated by the mindfulness startup.
By Dave Muoio
12:20 pm

San Francisco-based Calm’s meditation service is now directly accessible through the Samsung Health app, the companies announced in a press release yesterday.

Smartphone users who have downloaded and updated Samsung’s health and wellness platform can set up or sync a Calm account by clicking on the “Mindfulness” icon within the app, and then following the instructions. Along with personalizing the meditation experience, users with a Galaxy Watch Active can use the soon-to-be-released smartwatch to control their session and track their recorded levels of stress.

“Our work with Calm is going to make it easier than ever for Samsung Health users to practice mindfulness, so they can work towards achieving better overall health,” Peter Koo, corporate SVP and head of the health service team and mobile communications business at Samsung Electronics, said in a statement. “We’re excited to be partnering with Calm, a true innovator in the mindfulness space, to support better mental health for consumers around the world.”

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The Calm integration is available to consumers in 10 markets — including the US, UK, Philippines and Hong Kong — whose smartphones run the Android Pie OS.

Why it matters

For Samsung, embedding Calm’s service acts as another step toward the electronics company’s goal of establishing its mobile platform as a one-stop shop for consumer health management. And doing so further reduces the barrier of entry for consumers curious about app-based meditation — although data from the last few months has been somewhat inconsistent in describing whether app-based meditation does or does not impart wellness benefits.

What’s the trend

The integration comes hot on the heels of new product announcements from Samsung, many of which are specifically focused on amplifying the company’s inroads into healthcare. Samsung also recently highlighted a number of health assessment tools and provider workflow products supported by its hardware and software platforms at HIMSS19.

Calm, which raised $88 million last month, is certainly among the most prominent meditation apps, but it is by no means alone in the market. Simple Habit capped off a $10 million round back in November, while Headspace enjoyed a $36.7 million raise in July 2017. Meanwhile, September saw meditation app Meditation Studio acquired by EEG headband maker Muse, and Headspace’s acquisition of voice-enabled AI system Alpine.AI.

On the record

“Over 100,000 new people are downloading Calm each day, as more people are looking to technology to provide better wellness experiences,” Alex Will, chief strategy officer at Calm, said in a statement. “We’re excited to work with a global partner like Samsung to bring the very best of Calm to new platforms, and enable millions of users to benefit from lower stress, less anxiety and more restful sleep.”