Cedars Sinai's second accelerator class has AI, wearables, swanky scrubs and more

By Jonah Comstock

After an inaugural class that has led to several full-scale rollouts at the hospital, Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles announced its second accelerator class today. The medical center works with Tech Stars to incubate its chosen startups. 

“We will help companies accomplish in three months what will otherwise take them two years,” Darren Dworkin, chief information officer at Cedars-Sinai, said in a statement. “We believe this new group of innovative thinkers has what it takes to break through the healthcare industry, and our experienced mentors will help shape and push these companies to the next level.”

Cedars-Sinai incubates startups for just three months, but provides them with $120,000 in seed capital, as well as access to Cedars-Sinai physicians, researchers and executives who can offer guidance and mentorship. Read on for the eight companies that make up Cedars-Sinai's new class.

Cerebro Solutions: Cerebro is developing software to help trained clinicians, including doctors and nurses, find hospitals that need extra help and help hospitals find short term staff. The company is currently placing nurses for per diem and traveler assignments in the greater Los Angeles area and has plans to expand through other areas in California, the Southwest, and the Pacific Northwest.

Enso: Enso has created an FDA-cleared pain relief wearable. Like Neurometrix's Quell device, it helps relieve chronic pain with electrical stimulation, reducing the need for opiates and other controlled pain medications. The device is compact and claims to be more soothing than other neuromodulation treatments.

FIGS: An e-commerce company founded in 2013, FIGS boasts an offering of "modern, tailored scrubs that feel amazing." The company uses antimicrobial, wrinkle resistant, and durable fabrics to offer customers scrubs that are a cut above the average medical apparel. The company also donates a pair of scrubs for every pair sold.

Frame Health: Frame Health is creating a cloud-based data analysis software designed to tackle numerous problems in healthcare for various stakeholders including patient engagement, medication nonadherence, and chronic condition management.

HealthcareTTU: HealthcareTTU stands for Healthcare Transformation Trust Utility, and the company's mission is to use technology to make it easier for healthcare systems to interact with banks, utilizing predictive analytics around cashflows and AR valuation.

HealthTensor: Cedars-Sinai's website has this to say about this stealth mode company: "HealthTensor uses machine learning and predictive analytics to build artificially intelligent systems that reduce hospital costs and improve patient outcomes."

Noteworth: Noteworth is a system for getting connected health devices into the hands of patients and then getting the data collected from those devices into the healthcare system in an actionable way. (In images tweeted out by Cedars-Sinai's Dr. Brennan Spiegel, the company was using iHealth devices).

ReferralMD: ReferralMD is a software platform that helps hospitals manage specialty referrals to enable them to reduce patient wait times and increase revenue. It also uses e-consults to reduce the need for in-person referrals.