Cigna adds fingerprint reader to app; plans proactive guide feature

By Jonah Comstock
04:57 pm

Cigna has added fingerprint access to both the iOS and Android versions of its MyCigna app for members, the company announced last week. The company also has plans for an application called Cigna One Guide that will provide some personalized guidance to users.

Dave Vonesh, director of Global Digital Marketing at Cigna, said the new fingerprint functionality enhances all the goals Cigna has for its app: ease of use, helping customers avoid financial surprises, and encouraging members to use preventative care services.

“The beauty of [the fingerprint sensor] is it’s easy,” he told MobiHealthNews. “It eliminates the need to remember all those IDs and passwords that we all have out there. It tackles eliminating financial surprises because it provides quick and easy access to the tools within the application. Like a drug quote tool where you can quickly and easily compare drug costs in thousands of pharmacies nationwide or a directory where you can compare costs of in-network physicians, or find a dentist and book an appointment. All of those things that are kind of key aspects of what we are trying to drive through the fingerprint.”

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Vonesh says that Cigna is looking for new ways to improve its app, which launched originally in 2012, because they’re seeing more and more interest in mobile from members.

“It’s certainly something that is growing very rapidly,” he said. “What I mean by that is we launched the myCigna application a few years ago. The adoption has been steady and growing. We have more than 1.5 million downloads in the application today, but that’s growing. We see that continuing to grow at a faster pace than our website.”

The app lets users check their HSA and FSA balances, submit receipts to get reimbursed, manage claims, view ID cards, compare drug prices, and find (and book appointments with) in-network doctors. Vonesh said that future plans for the app are to make it more proactive than just a healthcare resource.

 “We’re working now to create the next generation, the evolution of the Cigna One Guide solution,” he said. “It’s going to reimagine the healthcare service experience by providing a solution that proactively engages customers with clear ways to save money and stay healthy. The way we do that is by identifying the different customer opportunities to improve health, reduce costs, and increase satisfaction. And all that data helps drive messaging back to our customers. So they can clearly understand when there’s a generic equivalent out there, or the benefits of going to a network doctor. We’re starting to build on a lot of those capabilities for the customer."


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