Connected health vendors iQor and Nuvo Group partner for pregnancy data

By Bill Siwicki
12:54 pm

Customer interaction and product support services company iQor has partnered with Nuvo Group, a vendor of maternal monitoring products and analytics software, to provide a range of vital pregnancy health data. With the partnership, iQor will provide Nuvo Group with a fully integrated, end-to-end service and product support platform for Nuvo Group’s two main product lines: Sensa and PregSense.
Physicians at hospitals or clinics can use the pregnancy monitoring connected health systems from Nuvo Group in conjunction with their pregnant patients.
With support from iQor, Nuvo Group aims to address opportunity in the connected health market, underpinned by the shift in consumer behaviors and expectations, and increasing interest in self-managed healthcare services in today’s mobile, digital world.
“Changes in consumer behaviors and expectations are profoundly impacting the growth of connected health products and solutions,” said Autumn Braswell, chief operating officer, global solutions, marketing, LinQ, at iQor. “The partnership between iQor and Nuvo Group is poised to establish the levels of care and service support needed for all types of care scenarios within the realm of connected health.”
The partnership with Nuvo is an opportunity for iQor to continue building out its experience supporting the unique requirements of connected health devices and the ecosystems they operate in, Braswell said. She added that iQor looks forward to extending its expertise to new partners as more connected health needs emerge.
The partnership with Nuvo Group represents iQor’s emphasis in supporting connected health solutions that are leveraging mobile devices and online tools to provide support for personalized patient care and education, iQor said. Last week, iQor announced a similar partnership with
Tyto Care to deliver support services for remote medical examinations and visits.
Nuvo Group, meanwhile, is developing new pregnancy monitoring products and software solutions. Nuvo Group’s sensor-based technologies, combined with Big Data analytics, will provide customized applications for both parents and medical professionals, the company said.
PregSense, for example, will use multiple sets of sophisticated passive sensors and proprietary analytics to accurately collect a wealth of important pregnancy data points simultaneously from both the mother and the fetus, the company explained.
“The future of health is all about connectivity; connectivity between patients, doctors, data and experiences – in our case, between a mother and baby,” said Oren Oz, founder and CEO at Nuvo Group. “Nuvo Group needed a partner that was an expert in providing service and product support, and that also understood the role our devices and software can play in providing both parents and medical professionals with unprecedented access to better pregnancy data, more often, remotely or in-office.”

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