Conversational treatment adherence device Pillo launches to consumers

At $499, the connected in-tool service automatically dispenses and reorders medications while delivering audio and video treatment support.
By Dave Muoio
01:58 pm

Pillo, the countertop device that uses conversational artificial intelligence to help patients manage their treatments, is now available to consumers for online purchase, manufacturer Pillo Health announced this morning. The device is currently being sold for $499 alongside a one-year subscription to the company’s connected service.

Designed for older patients or those with chronic diseases and complex care plans, Pillo is an automated medication dispenser that can deliver personalized support. Along with storing, dispensing and reordering up to 28 doses of medication on pre-set schedules, the device uses voice commands and an AI to engage patients and remind them of their treatment plans. Further, Pillo can deliver audio- or video-based health content and facilitate video calls between patients and their caregivers, while allowing the latter to monitor adherence data generated from the device.

Thanks to a partnership announced early this year, Pillo’s conversational capabilities are supported by Orbita’s AI and voice tech.

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What’s the impact

The role of conversational AI’s is expanding in healthcare, with some lauding the technology as the next major breakthrough for the aging in place movement. At the same time, an in-home device targeting medication non-adherence could, if effective, make a substantial impact on the increased healthcare costs and poor outcomes that come from missed doses.

"Pillo is redefining how the industry addresses medication non-adherence and is giving people some of their independence back," Emanuele Musini, CEO of Pillo Health, said in a statement. "Managing chronic conditions can create immense stress on patients and their families as day-to-day care plans can be difficult to follow and time-consuming. I wanted to create an in-home companion that helped alleviate this issue, which impacts millions of lives, particularly in the aging baby boomer population.”

What’s the trend

Healthcare technology has long targeted medication adherence as an area of opportunity. As such, Pillo’s competitors in the consumer and caretaker space take a multitude of form factors — from rival connected countertop dispenser Hero to various smartphone reminder apps and smart pill packaging products.


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