In-Depth: News recap of Health 2.0's Fall Conference

By MobiHealthNews

Hospital CIOs talk innovation

CIO is something of a loaded acronym in healthcare these days. Whether your “I” stands for information or innovation can be perceived as a marker of the progressiveness of your organization. But is that fair? At the Health 2.0 pre-conference provider summit in Santa Clara yesterday, two chief innovation officers and a chief information officer went back and forth on the terminology, and how innovation looks in their organizations.

Though Rasu Shrestha holds the title of chief innovation officer at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, he’s skeptical about the accuracy of the title.

“Calling someone a chief innovation officer versus a chief information officer I think in many ways is redundant in today’s day and age,” Shrestha said. “The evolving definition of the ‘I’ in CIO is emblematic of where we are as an industry. Innovation doesn’t belong in anyone’s silo. Innovation happens everywhere, and to have one person tasked with innovation is basically telling a lie across the institution.”

Shrestha was joined on stage by Cedars Sinai’s Darren Dworkin and New York Presbyterian’s Peter Fleischut on a panel that covered more than just nomenclature. More

Digital health VCs want entrepreneurs to get real, make plans

This year has proven to be a time of reckoning for digital health funding, with few IPOs living up to their expectations, venture capital funds becoming more selective, and scrutiny of startups increasing, said a panel of investors at Health 2.0 in Santa Clara. That said, however, money is still flowing into the industry, but expect a shift in the next year, with more private-to-private mergers and acquisitions to combine technology and a demand for companies to prove their worth earlier in the game.

Anchored by Lisa Suennen of Venture Valkyrie, the panel discussed what trends they are seeing, what they want to see more of, and what steps entrepreneurs should be taking before they even approach VCs. A show of hands revealed that a solid 40 people in the audience were entrepreneurs, and the VCs didn’t mince words when addressing the crowd. More

Pharma’s necessary culture shifts to embrace digital

The future of pharma is going to involve some major culture shifts for a business that has long been focused on slow development cycles, proprietary molecules, and close-held secrets. That’s the word from representatives from Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Healthware International and BTG, a group that ran the gamut from small to big pharma at Pharma Roundtable onsite at Health 2.0 in Santa Clara. The first culture shift for pharma is one that’s often discussed: the industry needs to find ways to innovate in an iterative, lean startup way to figure out what works in the new world of digital. More
EHR survey results
Health 2.0 shared the results of a survey on EHRs and interoperability, which you can view on Slideshare here. The big takeaway from that survey of 100 or so vendor types was that, other than athenahealth and Allscripts most EHRs scored overwhelmingly low on questions like “Would you say vendors were generally supportive of your integration efforts?” and “Overall, would you say EHR vendors helped or hindered the integration process?”