DePuy Synthes, JointPoint collaborate on software for hip replacement surgery

By Jeff Lagasse
02:09 pm

DePuy Synthes has entered into an exclusive agreement with JointPoint Inc. to co-market a proprietary software platform that aims to help surgeons perform hip replacement surgeries.
JointPoint's software provides non-invasive computer navigation, presurgical digital templating, case planning and feedback during such surgeries, and it easily integrates with the Anterior Approach. The Anterior Approach is a minimally invasive surgical approach that allows a surgeon to work around the muscles, rather than cut through them, to get to the hip joint.
What the JointPoint software strives to do is help reduce leg length discrepancy and complications related to inaccurate cup placement and final implant selection -- two of the most important considerations in hip replacement surgery -- by providing presurgical digital templating and real-time, data-driven surgical decision making in the operating room.
"We are thrilled to partner with JointPoint to help provide more predictive outcomes for surgeons and their patients," said Aaron Villaruz, global hip platform leader of DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction, in a statement. "By providing access to important information at key stages of the hip replacement process, together we can help surgeons streamline cases and allow for pre-surgical goals to be achieved more consistently."
One of the important features of the JointPoint software is OneTrial, which can predict optimal implant combinations based on pre-surgical goals using just two images during surgery.
Unique to DePuy Synthes implants is the ability of OneTrial to also provide precise recommendations on implant size and position to enable more confident adjustments and reduce OR time and fluoroscopy by eliminating re-trialing.
Additionally, the software helps streamline communications through a JointPoint calendar, case sharing, and case planning/collaboration.
"During hip replacement surgery, physicians strive for optimal implant choices and positioning to improve patient satisfaction by achieving proper leg length, offset, and cup positioning,” said Dr. Andrew J. Cooper in a statement. “JointPoint Hip Navigation System gives surgeons the confidence with real time feedback so they can ultimately help restore patients back to their natural function efficiently while minimizing fluoroscopy. I'm excited about what JointPoint can offer those surgeons whose patients are good candidates for the Anterior Approach."
DePuy Synthes will begin co-marketing the JointPoint software in the waning months of this year.


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