Digital health deals for 5/2/2017

By Heather Mack
05:27 pm

Johns Hopkins Medicine has tapped Grand Rounds – a digital health company that performs a number of medical matchmaking services like connecting consumers and employers to match patients with specialist doctors, or facilitating meetings for second opinions – to extend the reach of their remote consultations and access to in-person visits. According to a survey by Grand Rounds, 28 percent of people struggle to find a qualified specialist. With the collaboration with Johns Hopkins, Grand Rounds will use its proprietary data and machine-learning toolset to connect patients all over the United States with top neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons, which are among the most commonly-sought after specialties from Grand Rounds patients.  


Boston's Partners HealthCare has entered into a four-year partnership deal with Persistent Systems to build clinical decision support systems for various departments throughout the hospital. The two groups will work together to develop an open sourced platform based on SMART and FHIR. "Making innovative clinical tools available to our physicians at Partners and across the country relies on strong collaborations between academia and industry,” Dr. Anne Klibanski, chief academic officer at Partners HealthCare, said in a statement. “The co-development of this platform should yield a new tool that integrates applications directly into the clinical workflow — ultimately improving patient care.” More


Montreal-based Tactio Health Group, which builds smartphone-connected remote patient monitoring devices and analytics platforms, is now working with connected device company Qardio. The San Francisco-based Qardio imakes a smart blood pressure monitor, a wireless ECG monitor and a smart scale and body analyzer, and all devices will now be integrated into Tactio’s platform.


Activity-tracking wearable company Whoop now owns the title of the Official Licensed Recovery Wearable of the National Football League Players Association. Under the terms of the deal, every current and incoming NFL player will be given a Whoop Strap 2.0, which is a lightweight, waterproof and screenless device designed to be worn on the wrist, forearm or upper arm. The Strap has five sensor to measure data 100 times per second, and the data is then transmitted to companion web and mobile app for analysis. Ultimately, the goal is to gather data that could lead to better and smarter training, thereby reducing injuries and improving in-game performance.


Atlanta-based digital health company Rimidi has expanded its partnership with Heritage Provider Network to offer its digital disease management platform to people living with diabetes and congestive heart failure in the greater Palm Springs area. Desert Oasis Healthcare, which is part of Heritage Provider Network, will offer patients access to Rimidi's Diabetes + Me and CHF program to track and share health data with their care teams and get feedback and coaching. 


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