Digital health deals: GE Healthcare-Trice Imaging, Nokia Withings-Stanford MedicineX and more

By Heather Mack
03:26 pm

GE Healthcare has partnered with Trice Imaging, a cloud-based medical imaging solutions provider, to provide Tricefy, a new way for clinicians to connect with their colleagues. Tricefy allows image sharing, diagnostic collaboration, remote reviewing and archiving, plus EHR integration into GE Healthcare’s Ultrasound Women’s Health product portfolio (a one-click ultrasound sharing and secure archiving tool).

“With clinicians and patients increasingly demanding seamless access to medical imaging, we’re committed to providing simple solutions that are not only clinically intuitive, but also make the care process more fluent,” Roland Rott, General Manager of Women’s Health Ultrasound for GE Healthcare said in a statement. “The Tricefy solution does just that, as it meets a growing need by clinicians to collaborate with remote colleagues and share examination results with patients.” More

Nokia announced a research partnership with a healthcare innovation initiative at Stanford Medical School. The Withings Precision Research Challenge is a joint initiative to encourage academic research exploring how patient-generated data can transform healthcare. The research challenge will ask healthcare stakeholders to look at how chronic conditions can be managed using Withings offerings – its suite of connected devices and the database of Withings’ product user, which offers collections of aggregated, anonymous data from millions of users worldwide.

"Our vision is to transform how we care for ourselves and our loved ones by reimagining how we use technology to improve health and wellness at every stage of life," Cedric Hutchings, Vice President of Digital Health for Nokia Technologies, said in a statement. "Our challenge is to everyone that touches digital health - from medical researchers to patients - to participate and demonstrate the impact of properly used health data in helping people live happier, healthier lives." More

Sharecare, the Atlanta-based health and wellness engagement platform founded by WebMD founder Jeff Arnold and TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz, has partnered with Swiss Re, a provider of reinsurance, insurance and other insurance-based forms of risk transfer. The multi-faceted collaboration will use Sharecare’s health and life expectancy estimator tool, the RealAge test, giving users personalized recommendations on health practices as they pertain to personal wealth. Swiss Re will help Sharecare users additional resources to take control of their financial health, with the goal of improving the their overall health and well-being. More

Los Angeles-based 24Hr HomeCare has selected San Francisco-based Wanda Health for its predictive analytics behavior guidance to improve health outcomes of its patients.

"We are excited to help 24Hr HomeCare advance its efforts to keep their clients safely at home at an affordable cost, especially those with high risk," Mark Heinemeyer, chief collaboration officer for Wanda said in a statement.  "Wanda provides a perfect complement to 24Hr HomeCare's existing high-quality programs and will assist caregivers as they proactively manage the care of individuals with chronic disease and other high-risk conditions. We look forward to a successful partnership that results in excellent care for 24Hr HomeCare customers and reduces the risk of readmissions." More

EMR and urgent care software provider DocuTap is partnering with Calibrator Health, a medical software company that provides text-based surveys for patients and automatic feedback management for healthcare organizations. The partnership will offer patients an easy way to take a survey after their visits, and the results will be combined with an automatic, closed-loop tracking system to help providers improve the patient experience. More

Mobile patient engagement platform Wellpepper has established two new partnerships: As an authorized vendor for the American Joint Replacement Registry, Wellpepper can submit outcome data on a provider’s behalf, which will give each organization all the benefits to registering with the AJRR. Wellpepper is also an official TechHub vendor for the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement.

Patient-centered scheduling platform Everseat has announced it will incorporate the API of PokitDok, which makes software to power interoperable healthcare transactions so healthcare providers can fill open appointments and have more information of their patients before they walk in the door. More

DrFirst, a provider of healthcare SaaS solutions, has announced a partnership with Coordinated Care Oklahoma (CCO) to integrate Backline, DrFirst’s secure communication and collaboration tool into CCO’s health information exchange. With the Backline technology, CCO will have an always-on platform for sending and receiving important patient data to support clinical decision-making. More


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