Digital health deals: HIMSS18 Edition

By Laura Lovett
02:14 pm

Predictive analytics platform Clew Medical has recently announced its partnership with WakeMed for its clinical trials in the eICU to detect patient deterioration in realtime. Clew uses machine learning algorithms and customized physiological models to help clinicians make decisions with actionable clinical, operational and financial insights. The company’s AI system will give WakeMed access to predictive analysis of clinical indicators and will identify the potential for patient decline. 

“WakeMed was chosen to integrate CLEW’s predictive-analytics platform on top of the hospital’s existing electronic ICU (eICU) service,” Dr. David Kirk, medical director of WakeMed’s critical care units and eICU service, said in a statement. “CLEW’s platform will be able to analyze clues in vital signs and clinical care patterns to offer our providers a real-time report for the future condition of our patients. We are starting our clinical trial in the critical care units, because we believe that is where we can have the biggest positive benefit on mortality. The ultimate goal is to roll out this platform across our three inpatient hospitals to improve patient care system-wide.”

Samsung Electronic and Royal Philips announced a deal which will connect Samsung’s ARTIK Smart IoT Platform to the Philips HealthSuit digital platform. The partnership will let Samsung’s ARTIK share information and connect with Philips’ cloud platform. 

“This collaboration will enable healthcare application developers to focus on the development of innovative applications rather than on the technical integration of devices,” Dale Wiggins, general manager of Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform at Philips, said in a statement. “By strengthening our HealthSuite ecosystem with Samsung ARTIK, we will be taking another important step in breaking down the silos in today’s healthcare domain to create a trusted and seamless care experience for both consumers and care professionals.”


All over the country the opioid crisis has impacted the healthcare system and put prescribing mechanisms into question. Now we are seeing deals centered around addressing the issue. DrFirst, Imprivata and Forward Advantage have announced a new deal to enhance the controlled substance e-prescribing workflow for Meditech users. The program is expected to enhance security and in-workflow of prescription drug monitoring program access to the e-prescribing process. 

Nuance’s lasted artificial intelligence powered virtual assistant platform will be integrated with Epic’s EHR. The deal is expected to improve caregiver productivity and efficiency across the continuum of care. The joint products will now include Epic Haiku, Epic Rover and Epic Cadence. 


Siemens Healthineers Digital Ecosystem will be integrating AMRA’s cloud-based body composition analysis into their system. Siemens Healthineers gives providers and open and secure environment to ingrate information from global and diverse healthcare stakeholder. The new deal will allow AMRA’s body of information to become a new layer of analytics. 

Getting to the doctor just became a little bit easier for some patients after healthcare IT company Allscripts announced a partnership with Lyft to provide non-emergency transportation to people who need to get to medical appointments. The partners said they will be leveraging Lyft’s proprietary app and Allscripts’ open platform to integrate the functionality into Allcripts Sunrise EHR, which will enable doctors to order a Lyft for patients. 


Customer relationship management company Salesforce is teaming up with health IT giant Cerner to expand Cerner’s population health and clinical administration portfolio by using an integrated system that combines Salesforce Health Cloud and Marketing Cloud with Cerner’s HealtheIntent. 

“We are entering the next phase of healthcare delivery transformation; this collaboration with Salesforce will bring game-changing solutions to consumers, allowing them to participate in their physician’s decision-making and engage in their own health and care,” said Zane Burke, president of Cerner, told Healthcare ITNews. “We have digitized EHRs and are now aggregating and enriching this data for clinical and engagement insights through applied intelligence.”

Remote clinical trial company Science 37 has announced a partnership with Novartis that will support the development of its decentralized clinical trial offerings. The three-year deal aims to provide a more extensive portfolio of trials. The partnership will also allow Science 37 to offer customized enterprise software solutions to power US-based trials in the areas of dermatology, neuroscience an oncology, scheduled to launch in 2018, according to a statement.

“We are excited to deepen our relationship with an industry leader in innovative drug development like Novartis,” Noah Craft, cofounder and CEO of Science 37, said in a statement. “We are thrilled to launch this strategic alliance to accelerate our patient-centered scientific work together across these new therapeutic areas.”

Earlier this week AT&T announced two new digital health partnerships. The first is with Dictum Health, a clinical telehealth system provider. As part of the deal AT&T and AT&T Control Central will enable Dictum Health to securely connect patients and doctors in realtime, including in remote and rural areas. This collaboration is also expected to help give face-to-face interactions for healthcare in the field, including disaster areas, according to a statement. 

AT&T’s second deal is with digital health provider Clairvoyant Networks. AT&T will enable Clairvoyant Network’s Theora Care product to operate as a plug and play system and work with a wristband monitoring system and smartphone application. 

A new deal means that Samsung Health users will now have access to a new consumer-grade version of WellDoc’s digital diabetes management platform. 

The Diabetes Wellness Program is a 12-week wellness program designed to help Type 2 diabetes patients improve unhealthy behaviors and better manage their condition. According to a representative of the companies, it was developed out of a similar service for Samsung Health released last year.

Sutter Health, a nonprofit healthcare network, is teaming up with Google Glass-powered documentation platform Augmedix. Sutter Health plans to use Augmedix’s Google Cloud powered platform to add machine learning features to its documentation, such as automatically triaging incoming messages from patients. 

“We want to improve the patient experience in every way we can,” Dr. Albert Chan, chief of digital patient experience at Sutter Health, said in a statement. “Augmedix has helped expand our care team in a seamless and novel way by saving time and allowing for more meaningful face-to-face time and conversations with our patients during their visits.”


Joslin Diabetes Center and telehealth provider American Well are partnering on an initiative to explore how to use telemedicine to treat diabetes. American Well’s technology will be matching Joslin’s leading diabetes specialists to patients who need care, offering the ability to provide more time with patients and more convenient interactions. 

"We are constantly looking to improve the delivery of the unique care protocols developed here at Joslin to a global audience," said Dr. Peter Amenta, President and CEO of Joslin Diabetes Center, in a statement. "Trying out new and innovative care delivery models, such as American Well's platform, to help scale and extend Joslin's impact, is an important part of making the best diabetes care truly accessible. We are always excited to more broadly share our best practices in prevention, treatment and management.”


Mayo Clinic Global Business Solutions and Wellpepper announced a deal to provide Mayo Clinic patients interactive care plans on the Wellpepper platform. The deal will mean the Mayo Clinic Care Plan is available through Wellpepper Marketplace and Wellpepper customers who have EHRs will be able to use Mayo Clinic’s care plan protocols to help patients follow up their physician’s instructions outside the clinic to self-mange and improve their outcomes. 

“We are thrilled to launch the Wellpepper Marketplace starting with one of the leading academic medical centers in the world,” Wellpepper CEO Anne Weiler, said in a statement. “Our customers and their patients will benefit immensely from access to Mayo Clinic best practices. Analysis of patient experience and outcomes from these care plans will enable continual improvement and new insights to deliver better care.”


North Dakota taps New Ocean for Medicaid app

North Dakotans on Medicaid will have access to a new health and wellness app called The Voyage. The app, from developer New Ocean, helps provide personalized care and lifestyle management tips.

“Ensuring the health and well-being of North Dakotans by providing access to high quality care is the fundamental mission of [our] program,” Christopher Jones, executive director of the North Dakota Department of Human Services, said in a statement. “We are fortunate to work with New Ocean to bring The Voyage to Medicaid members across the state of North Dakota."

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