Digital health deals: MySugr-Abbott, Gozio-Lennar Medical Center and more

By Heather Mack
04:42 pm

Austria and San Diego-based MySugr, a diabetes management coaching app announced a partnership with Abbott in the UK. Abbott has a wearable interstitial glucose monitor called the FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System. The system, which is not yet available in the US, consists of a patch that continually reads blood glucose and an NFC reader device that the user can hold over the patch to check their glucose levels. Now, users with the mySugr app and NFC-enabled Android smartphones will be able to skip the reader and beam the data into their Logbook app, via Abbott's LibreLink app. More

Gozio Health, which makes an indoor wayfinding platform specifically designed for hospitals and healthcare systems, is now collaborating with Lennar Foundation Medical Center  – a new facility within the University of Miami Health System – to bring navigation help to patients and visitors. More

Piedmont On-Call will now be using Carena's telemedicine platform, which provides 24/7 access to doctor consultations on low-acuity but urgent healthcare needs via smartphone, tablet or computer. The service is built on Carena’s Virtual Clinic Platform that includes software, staffing and operations services and is fully integrated into Piedmont’s clinic-based care system. More

Avera Health, South Dakota’s largest integrated health system, has tapped digital, population health management company Medikeeper to provide an online wellness platform to the system’s members and community clients. Avera will be using the Medikeeper Wellness Portal and Health Risk Assessment as their way to equip local businesses and members with the online tools to manage their health, including devising a wellness plan and accessing educational content and personalized health information.

Signix, which makes a secure, online-document signing service called Independent E-Signatures, is now fully integrated into the patient check-in and messaging software Relatient, which provides a web-based patient engagement engine.

IBM is now bringing its Watson Health Cognitive Computing system to the Finnish Funding Agency, which will allow Finnish doctors to work with data scientists, engineers and developers to provide data-driven healthcare applications to businesses and their employees.

Hometeam, a company that makes software to helps seniors manage their at-home care with their caregivers and medical teams, has partnered with Fox Rehabilitation, a private practice of physical, occupational and speech therapists serving ten states on the east coast. The partnership will create a method to support the work of the therapists in the patient’s home by giving the patient a mobile tablet loaded with Hometeam’s software to improve adherence to the therapists’ prescribed home exercise programs.

Digital health consultancy company Medullan is collaborating with home care management company CareCentrix. The partnership will work to improve care with the Homebridge platform, a means of implementing a holistic view of the patient’s journey to and at the home.


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