Digital health deals: Oscar-Cleveland Clinic, Tactio-Doctapost and more

By Jonah Comstock
05:07 pm

Insurance startup Oscar Health announced a partnership with the Cleveland Clinic to offer co-branded insurance plans in northeast Ohio. The deal marks a first for both organizations: Oscar’s first plan in Ohio and Cleveland Clinic’s first foray into the health insurance market.

"Together, Cleveland Clinic and Oscar Health intend to offer a different approach, one that breaks down the complexities between providers and insurers, allowing our patients to easily navigate the healthcare and health insurance systems, get the highest quality care at a reasonable price, and improve their overall health," Steve Glass, Cleveland Clinic's chief financial officer, said in a statement. "Cleveland Clinic's guiding principle of 'Patients First' shapes everything we do, including our relationships with insurers, which is why we look for insurance plans with innovative, patient-centered policies.”

Docapost, a French company that “assists companies with their digital and mobile transformation process” has teamed up with telehealth company Tactio Health Group. The two have launched both a technical partnership and a business partnership with the goal of enhancing eHealth in France.

“It is about leveraging the potential of our technologies, ideas, products and know-how by relying on the practical knowledge and health expertise of Docapost and its deep industrial capacities to widely spread out solutions to preserve the health capital of French individuals and help them better manage and monitor their health on a daily basis," Michel Nadeau, CEO of Tactio Group, said in a statement.

Olivier Vallet, CEO of Docapost, added, “This strategic partnership with Tactio aims to accelerate the development of eHealth in France by offering our clients (health institutions, insurers and mutuals, hospitals...) practical solutions widely proven on the international market and respecting our regulatory framework.”

Two companies — Massachusetts-based SystemOne and Denmark’s BluSense — are working together to detect Zika and Dengue around the world, starting with clinical trials in Brazil and Malaysia. BluSense is providing the diagnostic instruments — which can detect Dengue from a single drop of blood — while SystemOne covers the connectivity and data management.

"We see a natural alignment with BluSense as they prepare to launch the BluBoxTM, along with the Dengue and Zika tests, in markets where SystemOne's disease intelligence networks already deliver real-time disease information," Chris Macek, CEO of SystemOne, said in a statement. "By collaborating on the upcoming studies in Southeast Asia and Latin America, both companies bring core competencies to enable rapid detection and response to pandemic-prone diseases in high-risk regions of the world.”

In conjunction with an investment in its latest round of funding, Cigna will expand its collaboration with Omada Health by offering the digital chronic condition prevention program at no cost to members with prediabetes as well as those with an elevated risk for conditions such as heart disease and hypertension. Cigna first evaluated Omada’s digital program in 2015, and has plans to expand availability over time.

“Cigna is a world leader in using behavior science to help customers change their habits, improve their health, and reduce their risk of chronic disease,” Cigna’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Alan M. Muney said in a statement. “Our work with Omada will further that expertise. This relationship is more than an investment or simple collaboration -- it’s an important step toward the future state of healthcare. Omada Health’s mission and ours are very closely aligned. That alignment will drive proven, outcomes-oriented performance.”

Hygieia, a company dedicated to making insulin management easier, and iSage, an AmalgamRx subsidiary that has an FDA-cleared app for automated titration of all basal insulin brands, are working together to integrate their two technologies, the iSage Rx provider- and patient-dosing platform and Hygieia's proven d-Nav Insulin Guidance Service. The iSage technology will be incorporated into an ongoing pilot in Michigan with Hygieia, which has a network of specialty care clinics.

"Hygieia was first to recognize that there must be a better way to use insulin, and we've demonstrated that our d-Nav approach works. We are excited to be bringing this concept to the U.S. through a network of specialty-care clinics designed to simplify the process by which healthcare providers manage insulin," Hygieia CEO Eran Bashansaid in a statement. "Healthcare providers can refer their patients to us and we'll take on the burden of managing their patients' insulin therapy. The game-changing combination of Hygieia and iSage Rx technology will provide patients on insulin proven success, peace of mind, and best-in-class technology.”

Boston Children’s Hospital and Duke Health System have come together to develop an Apple CareKit-based iOS app called Caremap, designed to help families securely track their children’s health and share that data with members of their ongoing care team. Additionally, the app can serve as a detailed repository of critical information such as allergies, devices in use or emergency action plans. Read more here.


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