Digital health news briefs for 11/22/17

By Laura Lovett
02:09 pm

Mobile Medicaid: Missouri Medicaid members have a new mobile tool when searching for healthcare information. Missouri Care’s mobile app will allow patients to find a doctor or dentist, locate nearby urgent care centers or hospitals, access wellness service, display their Missouri Care Member ID card or send it to provider, and receive member updates. The app is free and can be used on iOS or Android phones. Currently Missouri Care and WellCare serve 307,000 members, including 291,000 Medicaid members. 

Exploring the brain: Looking into the brain just got a lot easier thanks to a new virtual reality experience that lets researchers interact with large volumes of 3D anatomical brain data. Users can now see inside of a mouse brain and visualize the 3D structure at cellar resolution. The product, developed by researchers from the Wyss Center in Geneva Switzerland, also has hand-held pointers which allow users to highlight select, slice, and zoom into data. The VR experience can be combined with semi-automatic data analysis tools to accelerate the analysis of imagine data and simplify the identification of structures. 

UK invests in digital diabetes prevention: The National Health Services recently announced that Public Health England and Diabetes is teaming up with tech companies in a pilot program to provide resources for individuals fighting obesity and Type 2 diabetes. About 5,000 patients are expected to participate. The program will have apps, gadgets, wristbands, and innovative digital products provided by Hitachi, Buddi Nujjer, Liva Healthcare, Oviva, and OurPath.

Another VR player: Apple has purchased virtual reality company Vrvana for around $30 million, according to a report from TechCrunch. This comes after numerous report that Apple plans to invest in augmented reality sets. Currently, Vrvana's website only shows its unreleased Totom headset, a hybrid of both VR and AR.  


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