Digital health news briefs for 11/7/2017

By Dave Muoio
03:16 pm

Virtual dermatologists on call. Telemedicine provider MDLive has added dermatology consultations to its collection of virtual medical services. Through a deal with Iagnosis, customers who select the “dermatology” category within MDLive’s platform will be taken to partner site DermatologistOnCall, and then asked to provide a brief medical history and photos of their skin, nails, or hair. Users then receive a diagnosis and provided treatment plan from a board-certified dermatologist within an average of 18 hours.

Telehealth en español. Another telemedicine provider, SnapMD, announced today that its platform will now begin supporting Spanish-speaking patients. The company says that the multi-language support will be accessible by clicking a simple visual icon within the interface, and once set will be reflected throughout the patient portal. The company said it will continue to roll out additional languages throughout the coming year.

Perfecting nurses’ turn protocols. A research article published in Nursing Open reports that caregivers at a hospital with patient turn protocols better adhered when supported by the Leaf Patient Monitoring System. The monitor continually tracks patient movements, allowing caregivers to note which bedridden patients can turn themselves over and which may need assistance. The small wireless sensor is applied to a patient’s chest using a medical adhesive, and can automatically document a patient’s progress along a prescribed mobility protocol.

Helping surgery patients stay home. Adoption of SeamlessMD’s patient engagement platform in Mount Sinai’s Toronto hospital reduced the 30-day readmission rates of 106 surgery patients from 18 percent to 6 percent, according to the company. Through the system, physician assistants were automatically notified of at-risk patients, while the patients themselves received post-surgery guidance, reminders, interactive education, and other support features through their smartphones. The results also indicated three emergency room visits that were avoided through direct use of the service.

PEMF pain relief now available. Oska Wellness announced today that its wearable pain relief device, the Oska Pulse, is now available for purchase on Amazon’s online marketplace. The device’s proprietary system builds off of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapeutic technology not only to reduce pain, but also to increase range of motion and dilate blood vessels for inflammation reduction.

Deliveries for home clinical trials. Biologic supply company Marken (a subsidiary of UPS) has launched an online tool for patients participating in clinical trials. Marken Viseo allows users to receive real-time updates on the home delivery or pickup of trial materials, including information and photo on the delivering driver. The service is available as a smartphone application and, according to Viseo, improves the experience and confidence of clinical trial participants.

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