Digital health news briefs for 4/11/2017

By Heather Mack
05:53 pm

VR-neurostimulation combo device gets crowdfunded. While there has been plenty of buzz about virtual reality technology in clinical settings, it seems there is consumer demand health-focused VR as well. Kortex, a new wearable from medical device company Fisher Wallace Labs, uses a combination of the neurostimulation and VR to improve sleep quality and stress management. The device, which is built on Fisher’s earlier, FDA-cleared device intended to treat insomnia and anxiety, has exceeded its funding goal on Indiegogo, and the company says it will start shipping this summer.

$2M raised for point of care concussion diagnosis. Medical device company BioDirection has raised $2 million in interim funding to develop their point-of-care products intended for diagnoses and management of concussions and other traumatic brain injuries. Their first product, called the Tbit System, uses the company’s nanotechnology biosensor to detect and measure protein biomarkers that the brain releases immediately after head trauma. With the portable system, BioDirection aims to make earlier diagnosis and treatment without the need for CT scans.

Alexa for your allergies. Amazon Alexa is getting a new skill this week: in collaboration with the makers of allergy medication Zyrtec, the voice-assistant will be able to read out an “AllergyCast” report, which pulls weather, pollen and other environmental data from 40,000 zip codes around the United States to give people an idea of how mild or severe their allergies may be that day. Additionally, users can track their “allergy impact score” over time in effort to understand environmental triggers to their symptoms.

Tandem launches portal. Touchscreen insulin pump company Tandem Diabetes Care launched a new portal for healthcare providers called t: connect HCP Portal. Updated with patient input, the cloud-based, Mac and PC-compatible app allows patients to monitor their goals between clinic visits.

At home STD testing kit comes to box store websites. Digital health company myLAB Box, which offers an at-home STD testing kit and consultation service, has expanded its already nationwide presence through several large commercial partnerships. Now, myLAB Box is available through, and, whereas it was previously only available on the company’s website. 


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