Digital Pharmacist acquires PocketRx to enhance feature suite, customer base

By Jonah Comstock
02:40 pm

Digital Pharmacist, a company formed in January from a merger of RxWiki and TeleManager, made its first acquisition last week: An app called PocketRx, made by Shreveport, Louisiana-based software development company Praeses. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Robert Terrell, who invented the PocketRx app, joined RxWiki as director of product in December. His title at Digital Pharmacist post-merger is product development director.

PocketRx is an app to help patients manage their prescriptions, and is sold to pharmacy chains including Denver Health Pharmacy, USave Pharmacy and Owen's Healthcare, who in turn offer the app to their customers. This is the same business model Digital Pharmacist uses. The two companies will work to integrate their offerings into one, and existing PocketRx customers will immediately have access to the Digital Pharmacist suite.

"By combining the very best features of the PocketRx app with our existing content-rich product suite, we are able to offer patients the easiest, most integrated tools to manage their medications," Chris Loughlin, CEO of Digital Pharmacist, said in a statement. "Our products are fully integrated into the pharmacy workflow."

The acquisition of PocketRx expands Digital Pharmacist's footprint to 6,000 pharmacists around the country. It also gives customers access to new features. Digital Pharmacist's app currently offers prescription refills, refill reminders, medication reminders, access to health news and content, and coupons. PocketRx has some of those features but also has links to MedicinePlus, a web-based pharmaceutical information site for updated info on all medications, an 'Ask a Pharmacist' feature, and features to enable prescription delivery, onboarding of new customers, and transfer of prescriptions from one pharmacy to another.

Praeses, meanwhile, will continue to focus on a number of other industry verticals including correctional services, regulatory code enforcement, and business services.

"Incorporating PocketRx into Digital Pharmacist's suite will benefit pharmacies and their patients, while allowing Praeses to focus on its core business of developing innovative software solutions," Frank Auer, CEO and general manager of Praeses, said in a statement.

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