DocASAP comes to Greenway's marketplace and more digital health deals

By Dave Muoio
01:20 pm

DocASAP’s online patient appointment scheduling is now among the services available to providers who use Greenway Health’s integrated EHR and patient management products. Through the Greenway Marketplace, DocASAP said that its product, which also includes optimized patient-provider matching, will now be easily available to as many as 19,000 new providers.

“Being a Greenway partner allows us to easily access a segment of the provider market that has been searching for a way to both improve the patient experience and offer better online appointment scheduling,” DocASAP CEO Puneet Maheshwari said in a statement. “In addition, the ability to integrate with Greenway Health solutions in a turnkey manner makes it easy for providers to add DocASAP and quickly experience all the benefits of the platform. This not only improves the patient experience, but also readies them for forthcoming transformations across healthcare models.”

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Sleep device-maker Sommetrics has cut a deal with sleep therapy center network AvantSleep to distribute its sleep apnea therapy system, aerSleep, through Canadian therapy centers. The device applies negative external air pressure to ensure obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients keep an open airway through the night.

“Sommetrics’ innovative, new technology allows us to offer products to our patients that are unlike anything on the market,” Kosta Tsambourlianos, president of AvantSleep, said in a statement. “The entire AvantSleep team aligns with the company’s focus on providing Canadians more therapy options for the management of OSA.”

Patients who have been discharged from a center employing SONIFI Health’s patient engagement technology but still need care will have OpenPlacement’s Patient Choice platform to help guide their search for a nurse, hospice, assisted living facility, or other provider. The two companies have partnered to integrate OpenPlacement’s service within SONIFI’s ecosystem, allowing patients and their families to review transition care options using videos, photos, reviews, and other information free of charge.

"It is extremely important to both patients and care providers that transitional care planning be done well," Justin Usher, CEO of OpenPlacement, said in a statement. "Pairing our service with SONIFI Health's patient engagement solution makes finding transitional care for patients, their families, and healthcare providers easier and more efficient."

Managed care company Magellan Health announced that its employer clients will soon have access to Talkspace’s teletherapy services. Talkspace will be included alongside smoking cessation program Clickotine and other services within an app ecosystem Magellan is developing for its Employee Assistance Program, which is designed to support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of an employee and their family.

“In today’s busy world, we recognize the importance of offering mental healthcare when and where consumers choose to access it,” Gus Giraldo, president of commercial markets for Magellan Health, said in a statement. “Whether you are in the coffee shop, lying in bed in the middle of the night, or working at your desk, a licensed therapist is available to communicate with you in a private, secure setting.”

BetterPT, makers of a service that locates rehabilitation care options near the user, has formalized a partnership with the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) and its Global Innovation Institute to accelerate growth and development of the digital physical therapy platform. The service allows users to book an appointment based on location, insurance, physical therapist, as well as pay for their treatment and manage their history for insurance reimbursement.

"HSS and our surgeon-inventors and cofounders are leading experts in clinical care and are developing technologies, devices, and therapeutics to deliver what we do for our patients at HSS and at scale to global audiences,” Louis A. Shapiro, president and CEO of HSS, said in a statement. “Better PT is one of the many exciting partnerships that will deliver on our promise to see HSS knowledge extended around the globe.”

PENTAX Medical Company — which produces speech, voice, and swallowing assessment products as well as endoscopic imaging devices — announced a licensing agreement with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) to develop a digital version of the association’s standardized speech assessment protocol. The Consensus Auditory-Perceptual Evaluation of Voice (CAPE-V) tool will be integrated into a software module called iCAPE-V, that PENTAX will load into its Visi-Pitch and Computerized Speech Lab products. These will allow clinicians the ability to electronically gauge CAPE-V scores visually, and store the resulting data electronically.

"PENTAX Medical is dedicated to working with ASHA and the speech-language pathologist, voice scientist, and logopedist communities to develop products that further the field and help the patient population," Jim Cavanaugh, vice president of global product management at PENTAX Medical, said in a statement. "We are extremely excited to have partnered with ASHA to develop a meaningful advancement to the industry.”

SimplyVital Health will be bringing is blockchain-based medical data storage system to the Hartford HealthCare Bone & Joint Institute at Hartford Hospital. The company’s ConnectingCare platform will be used manage total hip and total knee joint replacement patients throughout the course of their care, while streamlining the ability of the provider to access their data.

 "What excites us the most about this opportunity is paralleling and supporting the work of the nurse navigators" Kat Kuzmeskas, CEO of SimplyVital Health, said in a statment. "This is an effective, proven method to improve care while controlling costs."

SHL Group, a maker of drug delivery systems, has formed a strategic partnership with New York-based startup QuiO to add connectivity and software support to its products. According to a press release, the companies are looking to incorporate data collection into the drug delivery process while better supporting the patient experience through improved clinical decision making.

"QuiO is excited to contribute hardware technology and provide the full software-stack for SHL's connected devices,” QuiO CEO Alexander Dahmani said in a statement. “Our ConnectedRx solution captures data directly from medical devices, structures and stores it in a secure cloud environment, and serves it to a suite of powerful applications that enable patients, clinicians, and customers to benefit from the data."

Adoption of SeamlessMD’s patient engagement platform in Mount Sinai’s Toronto hospital reduced the 30-day readmission rates of 106 surgery patients from 18 percent to 6 percent, according to the company.

Through the system, physician assistants were automatically notified of at-risk patients, while the patients themselves received post-surgery guidance, reminders, interactive education, and other support features through their smartphones. The results also indicated three emergency room visits that were avoided through direct use of the service.


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