Doctor on Demand to add lab-testing services to their telemedicine platform

By Heather Mack
12:37 pm

San Francisco-based telemedicine provider Doctor on Demand has added another layer to its virtual visits with the integration of laboratory services with Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp, which will be available in the coming months.

Rather than interrupt their service and create additional paperwork or communication chains, clinicians practicing with Doctor on Demand can continue playing the primary role on through to the lab test-ordering and result-reading. And, as opposed to the norm of being at the mercy of their provider or institution to order and direct when, where, and how they get lab tests done, patients using Doctor on Demand will be given the option to directly choose which lab works best for them depending on price, location and insurance.

Doctor on Demand CEO Hill Ferguson was just discussing his company’s decision to integrate lab tests into their services during the American Telemedicine Association’s annual conference last week in Orlando, saying he believed it was a another way of building the doctor-patient relationship and smooth workflows between different areas of healthcare delivery.

“Our mission at Doctor on Demand is to take what is a transaction-based consumer experience and evolve it into a relationship-based one that keeps building,” Ferguson said during the conference.

Even though the majority of virtual visits in America are conducted via phone calls, Doctor on Demand puts most of its energy into its video visits. That focus hasn’t held the company back from growing – they now serve over a million patients – and the company is also investing its time and resources heavily into driving their brand forward rather than white-labeling services like competitors American Well or Teladoc often do. With the lab test integration, Doctor on Demand intends to solidify itself as an increasingly comprehensive, completely virtual healthcare service.

“Our mission is to improve the world’s health through compassionate care and innovation. By integrating with labs and upgrading our patient profile and follow-up care services, we’ve taken a major step in advancing the quality and range of services treatable via telemedicine,” Ferguson said in a statement. “We’re providing a higher quality and better overall experience, giving patients the unique ability to build a relationship with a single doctor, always putting the patient first.”


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