DoD awards Abbott $11 million to create mobile test for traumatic brain injury

By Tom Sullivan
05:43 pm

The U.S. Department of Defense has picked Abbott Laboratories to develop a traumatic brain injury test in a one-bid contract.

Abbott has been working with DoD on similar projects that clinicians can use to conduct tests via mobile devices already in place since at least 2014. DoD put the new contract total at $11.3 million and said of that $2.5 million was obligated when it named Abbott.

“Work will be performed in Princeton, New Jersey, with an estimated completion date of Oct. 23, 2019,” DoD wrote on its contract website.

Abbott will collaborate with the U.S Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity in Frederick, Maryland, according to the DoD.

In August of 2014, the DoD awarded Abbott a $19.5 million multi-year contract to develop portable blood tests clinicians can use via existing i-Stat mobile diagnostic devices to measure concussions by reading biomarkers, such as proteins, that typically get released into a person’s bloodstream in the event of serious head injuries.

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