Employee health company Proactive MD acquires passive tracking app maker Verimoov

By Jonah Comstock
04:31 pm

Greenville, South Carolina-based Proactive MD, which offers onsite health management services to employers (including full direct primary care services) has acquired Charlotte, North Carolina-based Verimoov, an employee wellness and patient engagement company offering a mobile app to track employees' movement and activity. The terms of the acquisition were undisclosed.

"It is our vision to elevate the standard of primary care and to be the next generation of workplace health," John Collier, resident and CEO at Proactive MD, said in a statement. "Engagement of both the patient and the physician is a critical component of our model and I am excited to have this new technology in our toolkit. It will only serve to further our mission of reuniting the patient-physician relationship."

Founded in 2014, Verimoov provides an Android and iOS app that applies passive movement and activity tracking, using the accelerometer as well as the GPS, to movement tracking for employee wellness purposes. The company apparently never raised funding.

"Verimoov understands that we all make choices many times per day that affect our health and well-being," the company wrote in an explanation on its website. "We believe that traditional wellness programs don't do enough to incentivize good health behaviors on a daily basis. We provide a solution that solves this problem by providing a constant incentive for a participant to remain active without the burden of manually tracking activity. Our mobile application automatically tracks and validates movement and activity data. Our online reporting and analytics portal makes it easy to administer a meaningful incentive program. Our mission is to lead people to better health using the least intrusive methods possible and to enable their employer to reward them for good health behaviors."

Byron Revels, cofounder and CEO at Verimoov, will join Proactive MD as VP of strategy and innovation.

"Our platform is a perfect fit for Proactive MD's intense focus on driving patient engagement as a way to reduce healthcare costs for clients," Revels said in a statement. "We are thrilled to become a part of the family at Proactive MD."


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