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Fertility Focus upgrades app, AI for runners and more digital health briefs

Also: BetterPT, Clinicient team up on appointment scheduling; Innovaccer rolls out pediatric care management software.
By Jonah Comstock
03:12 pm

Deep learning for runners. UC San Diego researchers have developed an AI tool called FitRec which uses deep learning to make personalized fitness recommendations for runners based on past performance data. The algorithm was trained on a public dataset from Endomondo, an Under Armour subsidiary, that included 250,000 workout records for more than 1,000 runners.

"Personalization is crucial in models of fitness data because individuals vary widely in many areas, including heart rate and ability to adapt to different exercises," Julian McAuley, a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at UC San Diego, said in a statement.

The algorithm is capable of incorporating data, including grades of hills and the user's individual fitness level, to give recommendations that help users achieve a specific heart rate.


Fertility tracker updates app. Fertility Focus has announced the upcoming launch of the next version of its OvuSense companion app. OvuSense is comprised of a vaginal core temperature sensor and an accompanying user app. According to the company, the FDA-cleared platform is capable of predicting a user’s ovulation up to a day in advance and can confirm ovulation with 99 percent accuracy.

The new version of the app includes a number of changes based on user feedback, including UI changes, multiple ways to display sensor data, and the ability to log fertility treatments including intrauterine insemination, HCG trigger shots, and other medications and supplements.


BetterPT, Clinicient partner on appointment scheduling. Digital physical therapy company BetterPT has teamed up with specialty EHR provider Clinicient to create an integrated online scheduling tools for physical therapists. With the tool, patients can search for practices based on insurance requirements, location and availability, and directly request an appointment at any outpatient therapy location that interfaces with Clinicient. The companies said the tool will also increase scheduling conversion rates for physical therapists.

“The healthcare industry has struggled for many years to implement revolutionary and efficient digital solutions that have transformed most other sectors in the 21st century,” BetterPT CEO Greg Peters said in a statement. “Physical therapy is an important and oftentimes overlooked part of clinical rehabilitation and preventive care, and with changes in legislation that allow self-referral, this partnership with Clinicient, as a reputable and leading [EHR] company, is more important than ever as we work to enable greater connectivity and engagement between patients and physical therapists.”


Innovaccer launches pediatrics-focused tool. San Francisco-based health tech company Innovaccer announced the launch of a new offering for pediatric care management. The system is specially designed for unique challenges of pediatric medicine, including keeping families in the loop.

“It shouldn’t be a surprise that the care provided to a child is completely different from the one provided to a Medicare patient, and so should be the approach of providing care to them,” Dr. Paul Grundy, chief transformation officer at Innovaccer, said in a statement. “Innovaccer is revolutionizing the way we perceive pediatrics care. With its advanced AI-assisted approach, we plan to streamline the process for pediatric care organizations by ensuring that they are able to deliver family-centered care, anytime, anywhere.”


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