First Derm launches smartphone-connected dermatoscope

By Aditi Pai
01:16 pm

iDoc24, which does business as First Derm, has launched a smartphone-connected dermatoscope, called DermLite Hud, in partnership with dermatoscope manufacturer DermLite. The device costs $79.95 and is available from DermLite’s website as well as Amazon.

DermLite is a subsidiary of California-based company, called 3Gen.

First Derm initially announced the dermatoscope in October 2015, when the company launched an Indiegogo campaign for the device. The surpassed its campaign goal, raising a total of $28,492.

The device, called Hud, which is Swedish for "skin", sends these pictures to the companion app. From there, the user can share these images with a First Derm dermatologist for evaluation. The dermatologist will respond with an assessment of whether the mole requires immediate attention or if it's ok to wait until the user's next checkup.

First Derm also offers a dermatology question-and-answer app, which the company launched in January 2014. The app allows users to anonymously take pictures of external skin problems and send them to a licensed dermatologist, who will respond to inquiries within 24 hours of receiving the pictures with an assessment of the problem. App users are asked to send two pictures -- one close up and another farther away -- along with a description of the skin condition. The consultation costs $40 for each case submitted for assessment. First Derm has had 15,000 consultations from 160 countries.

The DermLite Hud works with First Derm’s app as well as the DermLite app, which is a provider-facing offering that allows users to store images, tag photos with patient data, and send encrypted emails. DermLite also plans to launch another app that will work with Hud, called DermLite X. This app will be cloud-based and allows users to capture, organize, review, share, and discuss photos.

Last year, in March, First Derm announced that the app reached 100,000 downloads. A few days later, the Sprint Techstars accelerator announced that First Derm would take part in its second class.


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