Fitbit unveils Blaze, new activity tracking wearable with color display

By Aditi Pai
01:12 pm

Fitbit has launched its newest and arguably most stylish fitness tracking device, called Blaze, which offers similar functionality to a smartwatch.

Blaze has a color display and offers on-screen workouts, powered by FitStar, a company Fitbit acquired last year. Similar to Surge, the device also provides users with workout summaries, call and text notification, and music control. Blaze has a five day battery life. It also uses GPS to track runs, offers continuous heart rate monitoring, and keeps tabs on sleep.

“One of the first things we learned in this industry is that fitness is personal – and if something isn’t your style, you won’t wear it,” Fitbit CEO James Park said in a statement. “With Fitbit Blaze, we pushed the boundaries of what’s possible to create a beautiful, versatile device that can be customized to fit your personal style – while packing a powerful fitness punch to help you reach your goals. Fitbit Blaze delivers a combination of innovative features that were carefully selected with intention and purpose, designed to motivate and offer a fitness experience that is more effortless and more useful with advanced guidance and coaching.”

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Fitbit Blaze is available for preorder for $199.95 on the company’s website, but starting in March, the device will also be available at retail locations including Amazon, Best Buy, Brookstone, Verizon, and Target.

Users will also be able to purchase alternative bands. Elastomer bands will cost $29.95, leather bands paired with stainless steel display frames cost $99.95 and stainless steel link bands paired with a stainless steel display frames cost $129.95.


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