Fitness-tracking smart jump rope now available in Apple Store

By Heather Mack

The days of counting your own hops, skips and jumps are over with Smart Rope, an LED-embedded jump rope that tracks rope rotations with a mid-air digital display. While jump ropes have long been known as among the most lightweight and portable of all workout equipment, this offering from Seoul-based Tangram Factory turns it into a digital health tracker with the Smart Gym app. The $90 rope comes in chrome, gold or black-handled options in three sizes and is now available at the Apple Store.  

The Smart Rope logs the number of jumps, calories burned and a comparison tool to compete with friends. The 23 LED lights can display up to four digits, although its not clear how the display will come out against light background (all video demonstrations were against black). On the iPhone and Apple Watch, it syncs with Apple Health and is designed to offer up workout recommendations tailored to each individual’s fitness goals.

The evolution of Smart Rope began in February 2015, when Seoul-based Tangram Factory launched a Kickstarter. The crowdfuding campaign, which we featured in our crowdfunding roundup at the time, raised $193,000, more than three times its original $60,000 goal. It eclipsed smart rope competitor Sophia and was featured in the Washington Post and The Creators Project early in its development.

Smart Rope will join 94Fifty, a $199.95 app-connected basketball, on Apple Store shelves.