Flo raises $1M for period-tracking app

By Heather Mack
03:19 pm

San Francisco-based OW Health, women's health-focused digital health company that makes digital health app Flo, has raised $1 million seed funding in a round led by Flint Capital and Haxus Venture Fund. The funding will allow the company to expand use of the app globally as well as the develop machine learning required for the app to evolve into a personal health and wellness assistant for women.

Flo, which was launched in October 2015, is designed to help women track and smartly predict their menstrual cycles, ovulation and fertile days. Users access a calendar to schedule cycle reminders and record a host of health information including mood, contraceptive methods, PMS symptoms and sexual activity. Flo has about 2 million active monthly users – nearly half of whom are in the United States and Canada – and the company lists Brazil, Germany, Italy and Russia among its user base.

OWHealth CEO Maxim Scrobov said the app was developed to analyze lifestyle in the context of each individual woman’s menstrual cycle.

“The Flo app provides our users with perfect tools for this,” Scrobov said in a statement.  “They can analyze how their appetite varies throughout the cycle, examine the mood swings and physical changes. The approach will help women better 'understand' their bodies, and based on provided smart recommendations, it will encourage them to change their patterns to more healthy lifestyles.”


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