Fossil's new Q Motion wearable invites comparison to Misfit Ray

By Jonah Comstock
02:16 pm

Fossil announced a new activity and sleep tracking wearable at SXSW last week, the Q Motion. Though the design is slightly different, the wrist-worn device is almost a dead-ringer for the Misfit Ray, the most recent device unveiled by Misfit, the wearable company Fossil acquired in November. 

Like the Misfit Ray, the Q Motion tracks activity and sleep and can vibrate with call or text notifications pushed from an iOS or Android phone. Also like the Ray, it incorporates a "smart tap" feature that lets the user tap the device to activate a number of internet of things devices including activating lights, playing music or activating the camera on a phone remotely.

Following in the footsteps of previous Fossil activity trackers Q Reveler and Q Dreamer, the Q Motion will also be able to filter notifications from apps chosen by the user, in addition to texts and calls. 

When Fossil bought Misfit for $260 million at the end of last year, the companies announced that they would work together to create devices that merge form and function. "We fundamentally believe consumers care about both technical functionality and fashionable design," Greg McKelvey, chief strategy and digital officer of Fossil Group, said in a statement at the time. "In fact, one without the other is simply not enough. With the acquisition of Misfit, Fossil Group will be positioned to win with the connected consumer. Our world-class design and global distribution, combined with Misfit's technology platform, creates a significantly advantaged, multi-brand and global wearable technology business poised to drive the convergence of fashion and technology."

Due out this summer, the Q Motion device will sell for $95 and will be water resistance up to 50 meters. It's powered by a coin cell battery that lasts up to six months.


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