Free app Welloh offers patients tool to find providers

By Laura Lovett
01:31 pm

Consumers now have another option to turn to when looking for a  new doctor with the recent launch of mobile provider search tool Welloh. The free app is designed to help users navigate their healthcare options. It gives users information about hospitals, pharmacies, care centers, and facilities. 

"The information that would enable consumers to make choices about healthcare services has never been easy to find,” Michael Ehrhant, cofounder of Welloh, said in a statement. “This puts consumers at a big disadvantage. The Welloh app delivers information in a quick, easy-to-use format, enabling the user to instantly review available options and make informed healthcare choices right on their mobile phone, no matter where they are, or what time of day it is.”

The app, which launched last month, promises to include alternatives to emergency room care and unbiased user reviews of local medical facilities and practitioners. In addition to the search tool, the app gives users daily tips. For example, one day the app might focus on the difference between emergency room costs and urgent care center costs. 

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It will also give users practical tips, like directions to urgent care centers and hospitals. The company said the app is particularly useful for someone who is traveling or has recently moved to a new area. 

"Consumers making choices based on quality, convenience, and cost has been a missing force in the US healthcare market,” Ehrhar said. “Welloh is out to change that by providing customer ratings and reviews of healthcare services in the palm of a consumer's hand, so choosing and urgent care, for example, is as easy and reliable as choosing a restaurant.”

The Syracuse NY-based startup plans to add ratings and reviews of medical imaging centers and virtual doctor visits within the next year.

There are several apps on the market that help patients search for doctors. Last year Zocdoc, a doctor finding search tool, launched the Insurance Checker feature, which is powered by AI and lets patients select and verify their insurance information as they are booking their appointment. 

Health insurance companies are also developing their own tools for helping patients find providers in their area that are covered by their network. In fact, both Cigna Health and Aetna have apps for their customers.