GE Healthcare builds out AI, radiology partnerships with Intel, Nvidia

By Bernie Monegain
03:45 pm

GE Healthcare has partnered with Nvidia to fast-track artificial intelligence adoption in healthcare and with Intel to boost digital imaging.

The Nvidia partnership builds on GE Healthcare’s 10-year alliance with the company to bring the most sophisticated artificial intelligence to GE Healthcare’s 500,000 imaging devices globally and to accelerate healthcare processing.

The new CT system is two times faster in imaging processing than its predecessor, due to its use of Nvidia’s AI computing platform, GE Healthcare executives note. The technology, called Revolution Frontier is FDA-cleared and expected to deliver better clinical outcomes in liver lesion detection and kidney lesion characterization because of its speed – potentially reducing the need for unnecessary follow-ups, benefitting patients with compromised renal function and reducing non-interpretable scans with Gemstone Spectral Imaging Metal Artefact Reduction.

GE Healthcare and Nvidia announced their plans Sunday at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago. The partners announced the new Nvidia-powered Revolution Frontier CT, advancements to the Vivid E95 4D Ultrasound and development of GE Healthcare’s Applied Intelligence analytics platform.

GE executives note that the average hospital generates 50 petabytes of data annually, through medical images, clinical charts and sensors, as well as operational and financial sources. Yet, less than 3 percent of that data is actionable, tagged or analyzed.

The partnership of GE Healthcare and Nvidia will harness more of this data.

GE Healthcare also announced on Sunday a separate partnership with Intel, which is aimed at boosting patient care and reducing costs for hospitals and health systems using digital imaging solutions, deployed via edge and cloud. Together, the companies aim to offer greater hospital efficiency through increased asset performance, reduced patient risk and dosage exposure – with faster image processing – and expedited time to diagnosis and treatment.

GE Healthcare will use the new Intel Xeon Scalable platform to lower the total cost of ownership for imaging devices by up to 25 percent.
Building on their 20-year relationship, GE Healthcare and Intel are also investing in a digital development lab in downtown Chicago. The Joint Performance Acceleration Lab – JPAL – will be dedicated to the development, testing and validation of new innovations across a wide spectrum of GE Healthcare imaging hardware and software solutions.

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