Glooko and Dexcom take relationship further with cloud integration

By Heather Mack
04:45 pm

Digital diabetes management company Glooko and device maker Dexcom have expanded their partnership, effectively creating on-demand access to continuous glucose monitor data for both physicians and patients who use the two companies’ products.

Glooko and Dexcom began working together in June 2015, when Glooko first began integrating CGMs and insulin pumps into its platform. But for the past two years, people using both still had to proactively sync their device into the platform via a cable or Apple Health. Now, a cloud integration between the two will passively collect data and allow for on-demand access to CGM data in effort to drive better insights and treatment decisions.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Dexcom and provide our over 6,000 clinic users and 1 million patients globally better and faster access to their Dexcom CGM data,” Glooko CEO Rick Altinger said in a statement. “Having Dexcom CGM data, combined with food, medication and exercise data in Glooko, enables us to pinpoint behaviors and personalize insights to drive behavior change and ultimately improved outcomes.”

Glooko made a similar move in January with longtime device partner Ascensia, makers of a pair of FDA-cleared connected glucometers. While the two companies had been integrating products for years, the latest partnership represented a “deeper ‘app to app’ and ‘cloud to cloud’ integration,” Glooko Product Analytics and Marketing Manager Vikram Singh told MobiHealthNews at the time.

The company, which began its corporate life making physical dongles to connect different glucometers to smartphones, has always engaged in a number of partnerships. Last year the company merged with Sweden-based Diasend to expand its global footprint. At the beginning of this year, Glooko announced a major partnership with Novo Nordisk, and followed that up with an expanded collaboration with Ascensia.

The expanded cloud integration will be rolled out over the summer, and patients in the United States can starting syncing Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM data via Glooko’s Office Upload products (Glooko Kiosk, Glooko Clinic Uploader and the Glooko Transmitter) later this month. In Europe, people can already access the cloud integration through Diasend, which stands as Glooko’s official upload product there, and the full offering will be available globally later this year.

“With this expanded relationship and ease of delivering Dexcom CGM data into Glooko, clinicians have additional options available to make better and faster treatment decisions,” Dexcom Executive Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development Steve Pacelli said in a statement. “Glooko’s extensive clinical presence and use by people with diabetes globally make it an obvious choice to strengthen our partnership.”


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