Glooko launches diabetes analytics platform

By Laura Lovett
04:13 pm

Glooko announced the launch of the new version of its Glooko Web Application platform this morning. The site aims to give users more resources with a streamlined navigation tool and an assortment of diabetes analytics, charts, and graphs. 

“We are truly excited to supply PWDs and clinicians with the most comprehensive set of reports and analytics on diabetes data available today,” Sam Wyndbrant, director of product management at Glooko, said in a statement. “We listened to our customers’ feedback and added new features that will allow users to further separate the data that really matters from background noise. Patients and clinicians can now efficiently gain actionable insights from their data better than ever before.”

The latest platform will include insights on how exercise, food intake, and medication can influence glucose levels, as well as color-coded charts and graphs that are aimed at usability. It will also provide users with enhanced insulin pump reports, bolus tracking features, and statistics, according to a statement. 

The technology was developed by using features from Diasend and Glooko platforms. The two companies merged in the fall of 2016. At the time of the merger the companies said they would leverage Diasend’s global capabilities with Glooko’s user friendly platform. 

“Our technologies complement each other very well and so do our teams,” Vikram Singh, Glooko’s product analytics and marketing manager said in an email to MobiHealthNews, at the time of the merger. “Both Glooko and Diasend see population health and remote patient monitoring as playing a leading role in diabetes care. It’s the only way to scale. … Together, we can scale very quickly.”

It has been an eventful year for Glooko. In February the diabetes care company announced that its Mobile Insulin Dosing System, an app-driven tool that recommends insulin dose adjustments using data collected directly from a patient’s blood glucose meter, was cleared by the FDA. 


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