Heal releases diagnostic health data integration platform, Wellbe

By Laura Lovett
03:54 pm

App-based physician house call service, Heal, just announced the launch of its new product Wellbe, a device which serves as a data hub for connected health devices. The company claims Wellbe can link and track data from more than 100 disconnected, siloed medical tools. The data is then connected to Heal's physicians. 

"We are humbled that Heal's house calls have shown great potential to improve timeliness and efficacy of care, reducing emergency room visits by 28 percent, reducing prescriptions by 39 percent, and eliminating up to 60 percent of wasted tests, labs and referrals," Dr. Renee Dua, cofounder and chief medical officer at Heal, said in a statement. "Our first priority is to bring affordable, high-quality, timely care to our members, and we're confident the Heal Wellbe will make this an enduring reality.”

The technology is powered by Qualcomm Life’s 2net and offers secure cloud-based infrastructure with end-to-end connectivity. 

"Accurate data enables caring doctors to increase precision and efficacy of care," Nick Desai, chief executive officer and co-founder at Heal, said in a statement. "The Heal Wellbe is a realization of that vision. It transforms the myriad of disparate health tracking devices into a unified hub of timely, accurate, and actionable data so doctors can improve the precision and personalization of healthcare to their patients.”

The Los Angeles-based startup says it has delivered more than 40,000 house calls across the US. Heal is intended for nonemergency situations like colds, flue, rashes, fevers or wellness physicals. Users who don’t have primary care doctors can find one through the Heal app. The company said it is in-network with all major PPO insurance plans in California and will be expanding coverage across the US. 

Heal was founded in 2014 after Dua had to rush her son to the emergency room for a rash. After several stressful hours of waiting to see a doctor, the physician said her child was fine. But that experience got her thinking about alternative ways that people could get access to healthcare, according to the Heal webpage. Currently the company has $51,100,000 in funding, according to Crunchbase

Patients get the Heal Wellbe device for free once they set up a monitoring service subscription, which costs between $0 and $99. 


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