Health engagement company Revel lands $17 million

By Laura Lovett

Health engagement company, Revel, just landed $17 million in funding led by TT Capital. 

The Minneapolis-based company caters primarily to payers, including large enterprises. It also sells its product to risk-based providers. 

“We are a software service company and we have a platform that manages campaigns for engaging people to make better decisions for [their] health,” Jeff Fritz, president and CEO of Revel told MobiHealthNews. “We work with our clients to get [patients] to do something that we want them to do.”

That desired action be anything from going to get a physical to filling out a health screening assessment. Most of the patients using the platform are Medicare and Medicaid patients, which means many of the users are seniors, explained Fritz.

The new funding will allow the company to grow their platform technology. 

“We are really expanding the platform and the functionality of the platform as all of these populations mature in how they use technology to perform certain things or receive certain information from healthcare providers,” Fritz said. 

The company is looking to create more flexibility for users. Fritz said they are interested in using artificial intelligence and different modes of communication in the future. 

Currently users can choose how they would like to get messages. That includes paper, email, and text messaging. Many of the users are older, which could mean the likelihood of getting everyone to use mobile is low, said Fritz. However, the rate of mobile users is increasing in older populations and Fritz said they will be researching patients’ habits.

Revel has been around for nine years old, but it recently underwent a reshaping and rebranding effort, said Fritz, who joined the company in January 2017.

As part of the reshaping efforts the company plans to mature its platform and to bring new employees into the company. The new initiative also includes revamping the marketing platform.