Health kiosk maker higi raises $21.3M Series C

By Laura Lovett
02:43 pm

Chicago-based health kiosk company higi has just landed $21.3 million in a Series C funding round led by Flare Capital Partners and 7wireVentures. 

“Simply stated, higi is making healthcare easier for people. higi is creating unprecedented access in people’s neighborhoods, giving consumers a trusted health narrative and connecting people to the full scope of the retail store and local healthcare service providers. We see closing the access gap, connecting the dots and changing consumer engagement as a sound investment,” Tom Main, partner at 7wire Ventures, said in a statement. “higi increases the scope of consumer information and the frequency of interactions; creating unprecedented insights and changing the game on prevention, early intervention, and real time care team adjustments.” 

The technology allows users to go to a higi kiosk and request a number of different tests measuring blood pressure, pulse, weight, and BMI. Currently there are 11,000 FDA-cleared higi kiosk stations around the country. The company also has an app that it launched in 2015, which lets consumers keep track of their step and biometric data on their phone. Through the app, users can also follow friends and set goals. 

This latest funding round is expected to help the company expand access points to consumers and increase user engagement. So far the company said it has performed 271 million biometric tests on 47 million people. 

The company was founded in 2012 and has been building its funding over time. In 2016 higi raked in $40 million from its existing investors. This came after the the company announced a merged with fellow health kiosk business Stayhealthy in 2014. 

“The significant investor interest reinforces higi’s unique position to connect consumers with payers and providers to deliver the services they need. As retailers continue to bring healthcare solutions into their storefronts and consumers are looking for more effective means to manage their health, higi is forging this path by providing convenient and free ways to measure, connect, and act on health information,” higi CEO Jeff Bennett said in a statement. “This is an exciting time for our company to grow with our healthcare customers, and help healthcare systems improve consumer engagement, close gaps in care, lower costs, and ultimately improve outcomes.”


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