Healthcare shopping tool Vitals creates new data analytics division

By Laura Lovett
09:03 am

This morning Vitals, maker of online healthcare transparency resources for patients, announced that it would be creating a data analytics division called Vitals 360. The new division will be dedicated to looking at data, quality, and predictive analytic technologies in an effort to expand Vital’s cost and engagement services. Specifically, the division will work with health plans to help build more effective and efficient strategies. 

“The establishment of the Vitals 360 division expands Vitals’ position as a leader in cost transparency and engagement,” Heyward Donigan, president and CEO of Vitals, said in a statement. “We are setting the standard for innovative consumer engagement programs, fueled by data and analytics.”

The idea is that the division will be able to help health plans negotiate competitive rates and best-value providers, according to a statement. Right now the platform gives customers the tools to find providers that are high quality but low cost. 

Vital tapped Chris Henderson, former chief operation officer of Compass Healthcare Advisers, for the role of president of the new division. 

“This is an important strategic step for Vitals,” Henderson said in a statement. “I’m excited to lead this new division and expand our business into areas that provide substantial new value to health plans, employers, and consumers.”

Last October the Lyndhurst, New Jersey-based company acquired MedHelp’s online community business for an undisclosed sum. At the time, the company said its plan was to merge its consumer-focused websites with MedHelp’s Patient-to-Patient communities to form a new digital property, Vitals Consumer Services. This wasn’t the company’s only acquisition: in 2014 the company acquired Compass Healthcare Advisers. 

Vitals was founded in 2007 as a provider search platform for consumers. It has been growing its offerings, including the SmartShoper and VitalsChoice. 


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