HealthPartners taps Welltok for personalized benefits optimization platform

By Heather Mack
12:03 am

Bloomington, Minnesota-based HealthPartners, an integrated nonprofit healthcare organization serving some 1.5 million medical and dental health plan members, has teamed up with consumer health SaaS company Welltok to offer members a personalized health platform.

HealthPartners is one of the nation’s consumer-governed largest nonprofit health care organizations, and serves patients across several hospitals, clinics and urgent care locations staffed by more than 1,700 physicians. By offering their members the Welltok platform, the organization hopes to motivate their members to be engaged with their health.

“At HealthPartners, we want to help people live healthier. We know that starts with a meaningful, personalized experience,” Joel Spoonheim, HealthPartners’ director of Health Promotion, said in a statement. “Partnering with Welltok helps us take what we’ve already been doing to the next level. We’ll be able to easily and effectively support participants based on their specific needs or goals.”

Welltok’s CafeWell Health Optimization platform, which is used by many large enterprises, functions to help consumers get the most out of their health benefits, steering them towards programs and resources to achieve health goals – such as healthier eating or managing a chronic condition –and offering guidance on where to go for the most affordable care based on their specific plan. The platform factors in personal data like age and health status, as well as more nuanced information, like what motivates a particular individual to stick to health goals. In effect, organizations who offer the platform to members can lower their own costs through improved health outcomes and more efficient use of resources.

For an organization as large as HealthPartners, better resource allocation could save a lot of money for the health system as well as consumers, and the platform also offers programs and resources to deal with the emotional stress of financial decisions.

HealthPartners will start slow by rolling out the online and mobile program to select individual and small group plan members in May before offering the platform to commercial large group markets in 2018. 


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