HSA Health Plan taps Wellable for employee wellness incentive program

By Heather Mack
11:54 pm

Health Savings Account provider HSA Health Plan has partnered with Boston-based Wellable, an employer wellness company, to offer an incentive program to its members.

Wellable’s digital, customizable wellness platform is built around wearable devices and mobile apps, and through the partnership, HSA Health Plan members will be offered a Garmin vivoki. If they take at least 8,000 steps per day on 20 or more days in the month, employees can earn $20, which will be deposited directly into their HSA accounts.

"Member engagement is critical to our success," Dave Hall, CEO of HSA Health Plan said in a statement.  "By providing all members with tools and technologies that make tracking and earning incentives easy, our program encourages members to take an active role in their health and well-being."

On the Wellable platform, members can connect many popular health apps and devices to their accounts, and it also complements on-site services including health fair coordination or seminars. The company works with a variably-sized employers and health plans around the world and has customers in over 23 countries.

The company was founded in 2013, and got some attention when it participated in the Clinton Health Matters Initiative, an effort spearheaded by former President Bill Clinton to lessen health disparities between socioeconomic and racial groups by offering health and wellness apps.

"The technology platform is designed to allow health plans to customize and configure their program to the needs of their population and goals of their organization," Wellable President Nick Patel, said in a statement.  "Each organization and population has unique needs so flexibility in the solution at all levels of program design is critical."

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