Humana's members will now have access to Fitbit Coach through the payer's Go365 wellness program

Members in the Go365 program will also have access to DailyBurn, MindSciences and Noom.
By Laura Lovett
03:45 pm

Yesterday Humana announced a slew of new resources available through its Go365 wellness and rewards program, notably offering its members the Fitbit Coach, which gives users workout videos and audio coaching services designed to meet them at their fitness level. 

Members will also have access to other health apps and programs including DailyBurn, an app with video and audio workouts, MindSciences, a video program that teaches users mindfulness and offers several tools for users to cope with overeating, anxiety and smoking, and lastly Noom, a program that helps people lose weight by giving them small goals to achieve. 

Why it matters 

More and more payer wellness programs are teaming up with digital health companies to offer customers access to health and wellness apps. 

Two of the biggest focus areas are obesity and mental health. Obesity is prevalent across the US, impacting close to 40 percent of adult Americans, according to the CDC. The condition can have major health impacts, including an increased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease. Fitbit Coach, DailyBurn and Noom were all designed to help with achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

In terms of mental health, anxiety and depression are common conditions. The World Health Organization estimates that depression impacts more than 300 million individuals every year. However, the lack of trained specialists can make it difficult for people to get to services. Digital health companies like MindScience have popped up, potentially easing the burden. 

The trend 

Fitbit and Humana have teamed up before. In May the healthcare payer announced that Go365 would be integrating with the Fitibt Ionic and Versa. Users then had the ability to track their activities and earn credit towards rewards like fitness gear, e-gift cards and charitable donations. 

The companies teamed up again in September when Humana chose FitbitCare as the “preferred coaching solution” for its employer group, according to a statement. 

On the record 

“Helping our members reach each goal and milestone on their personal health journey takes an understanding of how to make each one achievable,” Jeff Reid, senior vice president of Humana Wellness Solutions, said in a statement. “With these four partners, Go365 can help our members on their journey to achieving their best health – from the physical to mental and emotional health and well-being.”


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